Eyeliner flick

Okay so I haven been writing as much as I really want to. Anyway posting this eyeliner flick that I did on my eyes, some time back admittedly, but I havent had time to post things up.

It was one of my rare free days where I dabbled with makeup. I was watching Doc Martin, a British show I accidentally discovered while channel surfing, and got hooked not just on the show but also the fresh makeup on the character played by Caroline Catz. Especially the teeniest bit of cat-eye flick that the makeup artist does on her eyes. It's not overdone, nothing super extraordinary but it gives her  such a nice subtly pulled-together look, coupled with subtly flushed cheeks and lips. A pretty look.

Anyway, inspired by that, I pulled out my eyeliner pen and gave it a go.

Simple eyeliner flick...the kind I like for every day
I have a love-hate relationship with eyeliner. I can never get it done well..my hands get shaky, I draw them all over the place, it gets smudgey etc etc etc and so when my attempt yielded a fairly smooth result (by my standard), I was truly ecstatic.

The teeniest flick, and am done! Decided to line my lower inner rim with a lighter eyepencil to perk up the eyes a little.
It was one of my best attempts yet, so decided to post up the effort for posterity. It may seem like nothing much to most but trust me, for clumsy me who just cant get her eyeliner thing down pat, it was like climbing a personal makeup Mount Everest...hahhaha.

Loving it. Curled eyelashes, added some mascara, darkened the eyebrows a little, a light wash of eyeshadow, eyeliner, lightened inner lower rims and done.

I should probably replicate this more often for my day look but dealing with eyeliner so far still leaves me exhausted (haha). Practice practice practice is the order of the day (and week and year..).

Stuff I used were pretty simple stuff, just whatever I had on hand. Maybelline Hypersharp eyeliner in black, a single light shade of Inglot eyeshadow (dont know the number as its in the pan), Clinique Superfine Liner for brows in Soft Brown 02, my fav Fibrewig extra-long mascara, Yves Rocher 3-in-1 Couleurs eyepencil in 08 Blanc (for the inner lower rim), my Elf eyelash curler...and thats it!

For My Cat Eyes Only...yeah yeah..just stuff I used for the eye look above.

Have fun doing your eyes! Am going to keep practicing...

A good how-to tutorial would be Michelle Phan's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc0vliuLm28


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