Saturday, May 26, 2012

Accidental mini Etude House haul - includes Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream! (Pt 1)

What happens when you wander aimlessly in a ginormous mall? A beginner makeup hoarder like myself will inevitably wander over to makeup counters and shops.

So, since I found that the Proof 10 Eye Primer and the stipple blush brush from Etude House are actually quite a bargain, especially with the 30% off now (the primer comes up to slightly more than RM20, like almost 1/4 of what Urban Decay primer costs here),  I've gotten into the habit of checking out what other items they have. Koreans really are into their makeup, like the Japs, and I often wonder how they actually use the smorgasbord of items they have in their range. I mean, like whoa!

 So I got myself some stuff, a mini haul, accidental because I wasnt really planning it, and they came in this bag:

"Wanna be sweet? Welcome to the Play House" This copy is actually cute :P
What's in the bag. Damages came up to just RM100.58, thanks to the sales. Got the BB Cream, eyeliner brush and sharpener, the rest were freebies from the BB cream.
Now I've always been intrigued about BB creams, always testing and swatching them whenever I find them. I usually find them too goopy or leaving a whitish or greyish tint on the skin so have not actually purchased any. Then I wondered into the pink fairyland of Etude House and yes, presentation does count, because I actually bought one, because the pump packaging attracted me as well...
The Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream and its fellow freebies, the mini BB brush and mini Skin Malgeum kit. It wasnt on discount though :(

The Etude House (EH) Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream didn't have a discount though as it was a brand new upgrade of their previous BB cream. It's a bit steep at RM89.90 but they threw in a freebie mini BB brush and a mini set of a new skincare range of theirs called Skin Malgeum. I read some reviews on EH BB creams online; this version is supposed to be an upgrade of its Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream, if am not mistaken. At the shop, I did try one of their first variants, the EH BB Magic Cream, which I found gloopier and left a greyish residue. That had a 30% discount but since the formula didnt seem too great for me, thats how I moved on to trying this Bright Fit version.

It has SPF30, which I like, and I got it in the Natural Beige W13 shade (it comes in 4 shades, if I remember, with my shade being medium with yellow undertones). It comes in a pump bottle, meaning it'll be more hygienic and easier to manage. Be careful though as one full pump dispenses really wayy too much product, so go easy when pumping it out.

Carefully pump with a light touch as a full pump is just too much product
With a light layer of product, it smooths out and matches my skin well. Coverage is blendable and buildable, though you'd still need to set with a little powder. Seems to help with my oily combination skin. So far so good.
Am going to really test-drive this when I go outdoors today, so yeah.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shading Powder

I always admired the handywork of makeup artists who make shading really work as I've seen the magic of shading on others and myself,  making one have more of cheekbones and chiselled chin. But as you might know, am a real noob when it comes to applying makeup myself. But am still curious about it.

So I take the route of the makeup hoarder. I bought this before the other stuff actually, when I was out of town for an event. In a mall located at a sleepy coastal town during my lunch break. It had a 20% off or something to that effect and didnt cost beyond RM40. Since I was just curious about learning to shade, thought I'd start out with something to practice with. Behold Chamildo Duo Beauty Make Up Powder! Eat your kimchi, people :P

CHAMILDO Duo Beauty Make Up Powder: Sturdy black plastic casing, sold at a stall packed with Korean cosmetics. The saleslady claims makeup academies use this item from the brand as part of their learning kit.

I always get my cheap laughs from Korean or Jap copy on anything (plastic ware, stationeries etc) and this duo powder shading  kit didnt disappoint. It had that weird pseudo-English product description/sales pitch at the back of the case as well (see below and excuse the less-than-stellar quality of  pic taken with phone cam).


Anyway, on to the makeup itself. It opens up to reveal, well, as the name says: duo powder. Two matte powders, one in dark brown and the other a light beige. I kind of regretted not taking the other powder duo (from same brand) which was dark brown with white (since I dont have white powder which could have probably been used as highlighter). In retrospect this light beige is almost like it can pass off as a compact face powder, albeit a light one. Although it is easier to blend, I found.

Duo Powder kapow! it does reflect the product name. It comes with a plastic cover over the powder and a small strip of mirror at the top. 

Swatched both matte powders under natural light. Color payoff and staying power is not bad at all.
I've played around with the powders twice and find that it's pretty useful for the price I got it for. It's worth it for someone just learning to use shading powders. If the brown looks like its too dark, apply it with a light hand and build up the color as necessary, which was what I did. Am aiming for bronzers after this. Getting excited about mineralized finishes...I was freaked out by them before but now I might try them. Am even thinking of shimmer finishes, maybe a slight shimmer to start with :P

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Impulse purchases

Yes, I did say I went a bit overboard with the makeup stuff this month. Face primer, eye primer, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow etc...and then I also stumbled onto a lookalike beauty blender that too.

Impulse buys...but I wear them..I do..
 Just some foundation I've been wearing. On the left is Cover Girl Advanced Radiance foundation I picked up when I was briefly in Sydney last year. Not a good buy...ashy and kinda oily and kinda left my face feeling like it had a allergic reaction to it. So I picked up a Yves Rocher foundation (on the right), the matte version of the Couleurs Nature range and loving it! I've got oily-combination that tends to be on the oilier side and this foundation does wonders in keeping it matte and fresh for a long time. Plus the colour (Beige 200) suits me with its yellow undertone.
Opps...I almost forgot I got this Inglot Cream to Powder foundation earlier. It's alright..I use it more like a concealer now and then when my pimples get out of hand. The packaging looks sleek but it doesnt have a separate compartment for the sponge so it can look and be unsanitory. The consistency is quite soft hence as you can see here, the foundation gets out and everywhere if you're not careful. I kept the plastic cover over the foundation so I can keep the sponge over it. I haven't used this as an overall foundation often enough to know if its really good or not.
I've just only started on face primers and this is my very first. The Biotherm White D-Tox, which has SPF30, which was one of the main reasons I got it. I get to skip the sunscreen with this since it already has a high SPF. It's not bad, the purple undertone supposedly brightens up the skin. It does a little but I think it makes me a bit too white. My foundation still slides around a bit with this. I might try a different primer after this.

Isn't this Red Earth All-In-One Concealer kit the cutest? It has a cute cover plus little brushes, all in a compact case. I was looking for a new concealer and couldn't find my regular Maybelline wand concealer and then I saw this in SaSa. I think I still like a creamier concealer but this is just convenient...and cute.

I got this Proof 10 Eye Primer from Korean brand Etude as well. This too is a first for me. I've never used eye primers before, simply using concealer and powder, but since trying more eyeshadow nowadays, realise I really need one as eyeshadows won't last an hour on my oily eyelids. I've heard raves about Urban Decay ones but since am just trying primers out and not wanting to splash too much on the eye ones, decided to try this. Etude was on sale..with this being up to 30% off (if I remember correctly). It's not bad at all actually. It works well enough, colors are more intense and crease-free for longer.
 My first Inglot eyeshadows. And loving them. Inglot has this Freedom System palette which lets you pick and choose your colors and tailor your palette. I've just started with these two slightly shimmer apricot orangey shades (in for Spring)...which I do love. I got the five pan palette though in anticipation of adding more aiming for dark blue, black and gold, all the shimmer version.  I foresee I'll be adding on to those too. Haha.
And this! I was marching past the CociCoci stall/store outside Lot 10 and for some reason, popped in and browsed around. I found this hanging inconspicuously on their little rack with other little accessories. After seeing so many reviews and raves about the Beauty Blender, seeing this lookalike hanging unwanted in a lower-end beauty brand store, was a bit of a shocker. The real beauty blender is around USD35 and this was RM35.90, so yeah, I got it out of curiosity. It's actually from the brand Basicare, which calls it the All In One Foundation Sponge. I don't really know how to use it, I think. It does expand once its wet (as per pic above), and I tried it with my liquid foundation. It's a bit hard to wash out the foundation stains.  I think its good for the dewy effect but since I have oilier skin anyway, it makes my foundation get oily faster. I guess for our humid weather here, its not as suitable but for the drier air in Western countries, its probably the bomb. I still like it though, like a novelty item..haha. I have to find out other ways to use it next.

And yes, this post was quite long by my standards. Needed to post up my splurges for posterity before I get lazy. No wonder am broke this month. But not regretting any of my purchases though.

Brushes brushes brushes! Coastal Scents 22 Brushes!

I just got my Coastal Scents (CS) 22-Brush roll...and am crazy excited about it!

I've wanted a set of brushes since forever and finally I got one without breaking the bank. I'd love those Mac, Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier...but not willing to part with all that dough since I've only really started to learn to use brushes. Yes, at this "advanced" age (ahem), am behaving like a teenager. Didn't really have the chance to really indulge myself in my younger years, so oh well, time to catch up a little.

I know am rambling but getting these brushes really are the bomb. I got it off my local CS reseller at 20% off its usual I also got the brush guards. Loving my purchases so far. 

 CS 22-Brushes: Came in this pleather roll. It had a bit of a plasticky smell which went off after being aired for a bit. Quality is not bad at all. Just wish they use a classier font for their logo.
 Tada! There are my brush guards that I also bought. The bigger brushes had individual plastic covers (which I kept) whilst the smaller brushes were also packaged with  cellophane-like disposable plastic (which I threw away). There's also a little zippered pocket near the fan brush, which I plan to use to store the brush guards and covers.
Brushes in the wash. I wash all my new brushes before using them (same with clothes). I just use my Loreal EverStrong sulphate-free shampoo. Dunk them in the warm soapy water, swirl them around, squeeze out the bubbles, and rinse under running water, under the tap...gently squeeze out excess water using clean towel..and then lay them out to dry.
 Can't wait to use them!
 All the brushes lined up to dry!
My Ikea laptop holder doing double my brush holder so the brushes dry downwards (so the water do not trickle back into the brush ferrules, which can shorten the lifespan of your brushes and also make it longer for your brushes to dry).

And that's it for now on my CS brushes. I actually went overboard on the makeup stuff this month, making me kinda broke, so going to be eating in for the rest of the month..haha.