Saturday, October 31, 2015

Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink review

I am a blusher fanatic. Amongst others. So I was really excited at adding a Milani Baked Blush (my first) into my collection after seeing so much of it being reviewed online. Part of my SGDrugstore mini haul, I got the shade Dolce Pink for RM43.

Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink: side view, with its protective seal

Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink: Comes with a little brush under the pan

Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink : Top view

Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink: Swatch
The packaging is somewhat flimsy; the plastic feeling a bit frail, hence not something I foresee can be banged about in my handbag or chucked in higgledy piggledy like my other makeup stuff. The brush underneath is a handy plus if you're desperately without a brush when on the move, as long as the actual packaging survives being carried around.

I was so so excited at getting this blush. It looked sooo pretty in the pan. But while unwrapping the plastic seal and flipping over the pan to check the brush underneath, my finger accidentally dug in a little at a corner of the blush. Just a little.

And I was surprised to find that it was all powdery soft, not what I expected a baked blush to be. And so that little corner was dented. Haish.

And then when I swatched it proper, while I expected it so to be somewhat similar to Nars Orgasm, the powdery consistency again threw me off. The glitter in the blush appears a bit too big and the weirdest part is the colour itself doesn't seem to stick. So that pretty pink colour just doesn't seem to stick on to the skin but the glitter. It just looks a tad harsh.

Am kinda disappointed with this product, after all my expectations of it. For that price, I might as well get a Bourjois pot blush for cheaper.

E.L.F Beautifully Bare Blending Brush review

You won't believe this is a E.L.F. brush really, even if it is Limited Edition. It's so luxe, with a solid, high-end feel, that I kept looking it over and holding it in admiration. Part of my recent SGDrugstore mini haul, this brush was a mere RM38.

ELF Beautifully Bare Blending Brush

ELF Beautifully Bare Blending Brush: Side view

ELF Beautifully Bare Blending Brush: Top view

A short-handled synthetic hair brush with a classic stainless steel ferrule, this ELF Beautifully Bare Blending beautiful. It reminds me of Sephora's more pricey pro Airbrush brushes and feels the same way. Soft yet compact and dense at the same time, it's perfect for liquid foundation and picks up quite an amount of powder if used to finish off with powder. I haven't tried it with bronzer yet but looking at its narrow shape, it looks like it'd be perfect for bronzer too and can be used for blusher as well. It didn't shed as well. 

This is another good bargain buy from ELF; totally worth it and recommend this too. 

E.L.F. Studio Contouring Brush review

I've come a long way from the gal who only ever used her fingers to put on foundation to one who have a whole bunch of brushes.

My more recent brush crazes of this year has been contouring brushes. I've been lusting after the NARS Ita brush. But...will not sink in RM300 for one. That's almost a return ticket to Bangkok!

So imagine my joy upon trawling the net and re-visiting a favourite online re-seller SGDrugstore, that ELF has a contouring brush under its Studio line. For a neat RM38. Yay!

ELF Studio Contouring Brush

ELF Studio Contouring Brush - Side view

ELF Studio Contouring Brush - Top View

ELF has really stepped up its game with a brush like this. Why spend so much on big name brushes when ELF comes up with comparable ones at so much more affordable prices?

I didn't experience much shedding and have washed this twice already since I bought it. The synthetic hair is soft, compact and just the right density to pack on some contour. I usually use my large Real Techniques powder brush to buff out any harsh edges but this brush is soft enough to buff out the edges too. A simple and quick demo can be seen here.

I LOVE this brush. It's a fantastic bargain buy and I might get a backup. Totally recommend this.

Re-visiting my E.L.F. addiction

When I first got onto the makeup hoarding and addiction bandwagon, I loved browsing E.L.F products online and wishing I could get them as cheap as in the U.S. And then I also discovered local online reseller SgDrugstore. That started my first E.L.F. binge back in 2012.

Fast forward a few years later, guess what. Am still a sucker for bargains and still scour for worthy dupes of high-end products. I re-visited the SGDrugstore website and got nostalgic looking at the E.L.F. stuff and realised that the brand has some pretty interesting updates, especially its brushes. I'd originally wanted to get the new (apparently cult fav) ELF Studio eye blending brush, but it was out of stock. I ended up getting the Nars ITA lookalike ELF Studio Contouring brush and a so-called Limited Edition ELF Bare Blending brush, plus stocked up on my fav ELF  Duo Contouring powder in St Lucia. And then...I saw the Milani baked blusher. After seeing so much about it online, I thought, why not. And so I had a mini SGDrugstore haul....

My SGDrugstore haul: A lot of EL.F. and a little Milani

As the total damages came up to About RM156, I had a free PosLaju delivery (purchases above RM150 get free PosLaju deliveries). Am always impressed with the speed and efficiency of SGDrugstore posting things out, and these were also adequately bubble-wrapped.

Anyway, will post mini reviews on these lovelies.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A review of 3 Concept Eyes aka 3CE in Malaysia

The hallyu wave looks like a mighty big one that never seems to end. Starting with the deluge of BB creams and face masks, the Korean makeup/skincare craze doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon.

And thus I got swept up with the recent 3CE hullabaloo. It was the first time I've ever attended a Sephora event proper. Also so far the only time I've rolled out of bed for a Korean brand (so to speak). And sadly. Because I didnt have anything else better to do. 

My take on Korean makeup is that it's typically gimmicky and cutesy with pseudo-English names (Waterful? Glossing? 3 Concept Eyes??), with glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. And ultra-dewy looks  marketed as "glossy" look. That sadly translates as pure oily looks for me. 

I'd seen the brand being hawked over at and so piqued by its seeming ubiquitous appearance online, I thought why not. The worst is just that it justifies how I view most Korean makeup stuff (except perhaps Laneige) . And the best is just a trip to Sephora anyway. I tried looking for the brand's official website but the closest was at Stylenanda. The brand ambassador is Park Sora, who also came for the launch at Sephora Nu Sentral.

I have no idea who she is. But there were  two Korean girls behind the line gasping "Sora Sora Sora..." while struggling to catch a glimpse of the Olive Oyl-like stick-thin figure that was her. As usual there were over-zealous PR girls and event people everywhere, with one trying to command people to clear a path for the oh-so-wonderful Park Sora. Although most of us just wanted to get to the actual makeup. Like seriously. 

Granted, she has very, very good publicity pics from what I saw online but (no offence to her fans or her) she doesn't seem to exude much charisma in real life and unfortunately looks like a painted stick, with no personality. Was expecting a dewy-faced typical Korean beauty but she looked nowhere like her publicity pics, more pasty-faced due to too many layers of makeup, which looked like it was meant to conceal her less-than-perfect complexion. Such is the perils of Photoshop. Because no one can humanly look so perfect. Unless you're Jessica Alba. Or Priyanka Chopra. Or...wait there are truly crazy gorgeously perfect looking beings....but I digress.

3CE products with the freebie mini brush set (brushes touted to be worth RM120)

After the longest time (because we were herded in by batches to get to the makeup counter; the one and only counter for the launch), we find out that they ran out of the limited edition lipstick – one with a square pink casing with black polka dots, compared with the usual plain black ones. It had a beautiful plummy red that looked perfect for autumn and also for the usual berry Christmas looks. But out of stock. Which beggars the question: If we were supposedly the "first" to "view" the collection, how the heck can it already be out of stock? Unless they brought in like...3 pieces...for the whole of Malaysia. So it can be "Limited Edition".

Anyway, all the jostling and waiting, led to more jostling and waiting in order to actually try to swatch the makeup items. Couldn't test most of it as they set up only the actual counter (with no additional temp standalone island just for the launch), so the stampede to test the out the makeup meant it was simply too crowded for people to get to it. Got fed up really and it was just grab and go for a bit.

Which was probably makeup mistake number 1. Because I grabbed a lippie color that looked good swatched on the back of my hand. But was magically unattractively chalky and streaky on my lips, once I tested it back home. UWAAAAA...The color was called (made me guffaw),,,Daily Lady. Naah, no Lady will be going about with chalky, streaky pale lips Daily.

(Top to bottom) Swatches of the 3CE cream highlighter, lipstick and cream stick eyeshadow

I don't get it. Look at it (the middle swatch, the pinkish tone). It looks gorgeous on my hand and in the bullet, (and not frosty as it appears in the pic above, must be the lights picking up on the shine). I was sold on the creamy nude pink with a touch of gloss.

3CE lipstick in the shade Daily Lady
I thought maybe I got a MLBB (my-lips-but-better) lippie. But twas not to be. Now I have to figure out how best to maximise any use out of it.

Next is the 3CE Shimmer Stick in the shade Peach.

3CE Shimmer Stick in Peach with colour watch
It's basically a cream highlighter in stick form. I've only ever had powder highlighters so this was more of a novelty item for me. It has a subtle golden glow, not so much of a peachy glow, and wasn't too sticky. I've tested this a few times since, on the tops of my cheeks and just above my cupid bow; it's not bad, really, lending a subtle glow. For once a wearable Korean makeup item that has an actual subtle glow rather than in-your-face shimmer or oily mess being passed as off as "dewiness".

Another (thank gawd) wearable item I picked up was the 3CE Longwear Eye Crayon in the shade Syrup.

3CE Longwear Eye Crayon in the shade Syrup with colour swatch
This kinda reminds me of the Stila stick eyeshadows as well, exact same concept. I picked up this product because I thought I needed an easy-to-use  inner eye highligher that can also double nay triple up as a brow highlighter and actual eyeshadow. With its pearly sheen, worked out well enough for lazy makeup dummies like me.

3CE Mini Trio brushes
And for getting three items, I got a trio of mini brushes. It's actually pretty cute. And looking at the quality and cut, possibly even usable. The brush hairs for the slanted foundation brush and the powder brush appear to be made from natural hair; very soft and looks good quality. The dual ended eye brush appears to be synthetic in comparison but looks pretty usable. I wont ever bother to buy mini brushes as I dont see the point; however these are a good bargain then, seeing the quality. Believe these were said to be worth RM120; thank gawd they were free for me.

The rest of the stuff that I got pretty much range between RM60 till RM70. Not too bad.

Anyway, these are not so bad overall. I only have these three 3CE items to really test out. But after swatching most of their items (during another separate trip to Sephora KLCC), I don't really see any standout item. In fact I dont really see any compelling reason to go out of  my way to grab any more of their stuff. 'Nuff said on this till the next one!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Drugstore happiness : Bourjois Air Mat Foundation, Catrice Absolute Matt eyeshadows, Wet & Wild Brow brow powder, Megalast Lip Color

Just a quick post. Only because I quite love these drugstore beauties. This happens to be a combo of different drugstore brands I picked up over the last month during this dangerous sales period.

I should never be left alone near makeup counters. That much I know.

In any case I have been eye-ing Catrice's really cute eyeshadow palettes for a while. They really do look weareable and gorgeous. I couldn't decide between the Absolute Nude and the Absolute Matt; but chose Matt in the end. And surprisingly really loving it. I've mixed and matched them with my existing eyeshadows and gals, I can tell ya, this is a really good bargain buy. Because you can use it on its own or mix it up with your other colours to dress up or down. I especially love the 4th and 5th colours from the left of the palette: I use it to add dimension and depth either for a natural look, or blended in the sockets when using other striking, colours as well. Lighter colours for eyeshadows seem to always be a bit chalkier in general so the first two colours might not get as much love from me. Still such a steal; was around RM22 during the sale.

Catrice, Bourjois and Wet & Wild : Love 'em!
On another impulse, I picked up the Bourjois Air Mat foundation in 04 Beige, for about RM50. I've always been a bit of a Bourjois fan; they do cost a bit on the higher end for drugstore, but I do have staple favs from the brand, like its Bourjois Perfect 123 Foundation  and its little pot blushers. I was feeling a bit of buyer's remorse until I put it on. Like. Wallah. It has a yellow undertone that you normally don't get with drugstore foundations (they're always somewhat with an ashy or too pink or peachy undertone). It was almost like my Estee Lauder Longwear foundation (my shade is Rattan)! Mightily pleased as it's really close to my real skintone. A little goes a long way with this one; probably why it's in a squeeze packaging rather than the brand's usual pump bottle. If you're not careful, it can turn cakey. I still use powder to set as I am the oilslick still at this age (uhuh), so it can last a little longer.

The Wet & Wild Brow Kit is a continuation of my more recent obsession of doing my eyebrows. I never used to do my brows. Until I discovered how much more polished I looked with touched up brows. Confession: I had a RM5 brow powder from Daiso for the longest time before that. Then a smattering of eyebrow pencils. I just realised this must be only my second brow product in powder format; this one was RM24.50. When I tried this, I didnt think the lighter powder would actually be quite dark. The wax was useful to keep the brows in  place for a bit but may be a bit too hard. I foresee my search for the perfect eyebrow product continues...

As for the Wet & Wild lipstick, I just finally caved in to get a second one of my fav Megalast Lip Color in Rosebud. They slightly changed the packaging since my very first Megalast Lip color purchase way back then. Back then I had to buy them online. Now the Wet&Wild stuff are available in SaSa. The plastic casing of the lippie looked a bit sturdier somewhat. I'd bought a whole bunch back then because they were really cheap at RM16 online. This one was RM22 at SaSa though. My fav colours were Rosebud and Cherry Picking. Till today I still gravitate towards lippie colours similar to Rosebud O_O

Old habits die hard. Anyhow, till the next post!

A Tart for Tarte

Yes. I am a Tarte-aholic.

Tarte is only available in Sephora in Malaysia, so on any given weekend, one might see me lingering at the Tarte counter in the nearest Sephora.

I was devastated when I missed out on the Rainforest palette. But really because I thought the colours were gorgeous and I 'd definitely wear them. And then the Tarte Noir palette came out. I still prefer the Rainforest colours, but this was too pretty to pass up. And while at Sephora, of course, the Tarte Slenderizer caught my eye as well.
Tarte Noir and Tarte Slenderizer: Too pretty to pass up

As always these Tarte purchases are in pretty and luxe packaging. The gold accents brings up the luxe factor quite a few notches.

Tarte Noir: Isn't that gorgeous?
The palette was just soo pretty to look at; and like the name, gives off a very Noir impression. Dark, purplish plums, with an iridescent highlighter and dark, matte liner, and a neutral blusher that I love. Though I really love Tarte blushers in general :)

The lighter matte colours were a bit chalky though, needed harder work to get the colour in. And these colours will most likely suit a cool, fair complexion more than my olive undertones, I have to admit. But it's soooo pretty to look at in the pan! (Yes, symptoms of a makeupholic and hoarder). I still enjoyed playing around with them though. Those who have other Tarte palettes might want to give this a miss though, as there may be similar colours there. For me, this is my first palette with eyeshadows, so that's okay (yes, justifying my makeupholic tendencies...but true!).

As for the Slenderizer, I couldnt pass it up. I thought the idea of a contouring shade on one end, and a highligher on the other, pure genius. For lazy klutzes like me..who was also coincidentally looking to test out a contouring crayon or cream, but not really into splashing out too much for it, this was just right. I started my shading/contouring curve with the Elf duo once upon a time, when I first started out being a true makeupholic. That duo is still one of my all-time favs, btw.

The Slenderizer is easy to use, a natural colour thats easy to blend and gives just a touch of a contouring shade. Am quite conservative when I use it still as I prefer a natural contouring. Nothing Kardashian about this one.

Tarte me up any time!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Online beauty bargains at Hermo

Online shopping is quite dangerous.

Wait. Shopping is dangerous. Period. Making it so easy to click and buy online just multiplied the dangers for a compulsive shopper like me.

In any case, the online campaign that has waged for months sure worked at click-baiting me. Gullible me got reeled right in with its recent cybersale. But I have to say, it was worth it.

My first ever purchases on Laneige firming sleeping pack, Clean It Zero and BH Cosmetics brushes
After hemming and hawing over the stuff I clicked into my shopping cart, doing mini researches and price comparisons, I finally settled on getting the Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack, Banila Co Clean It Zero and the cutest ever BH Cosmetics 11-pieces Polka Dot Brushes Set.

I've been using the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and have gotten kind of hooked on it. A lazy gal, slapping it on at night makes me feel like I actually have a "night time skincare routine". Ha.

But really, I kinda like it because it does hydrate my combination skin without making it oilier or break out. In fact it helped to calm down any pimples threatening its way up my face. I've never tried the firming version and seeing it at about 30% off its usual price on the Hermo website led me to add it to my shopping cart. It's typically the more expensive among the Laneige stable of sleeping packs, so getting it at such a decent price (RM98.10), was quite the motivator.

As for the Banila Co Clean It Zero, I've been seeing so much of it being raved about online, that its RM49.90 deal gave me the impetus to add it in.

As for the BH Cosmetics 11-pcs Polka Dot brushes set...come on. Look at it. It's pink. With polka dots. Like its the biggest girlie mind-f@ck ever. I've been seeing it online for the longest time. Via local online resellers, it's usually about RM120 thereabouts. As am into my Real Techniques brushes (cheaper than the coveted Sigma but works well and are hardy), I've always ogled at them as pretty nice-to-haves, but not really something I'd splash out on. But then....oh It was a mere RM79.20 on sale. So in it went into my cyber shopping cart.

I also plonked in It's Skin - Babyface It's Natural Eyebrow pencil (RM11.90) and Revlon Emery Boards (was 10 pieces for RM2.50!)...(both not in pic)..and finally proceeded to pay after sleeping over my cart choices. 

The package came in a neat little box, with the products all bubble-wrapped neatly about 5 days later. It may have excited the receptionists as they hurriedly sent it over :D sure excited me!

The products came in perfect form and am really happy with the bargain prices I got them at. Will get around to reviewing them at some point. Right now am quite happy ogling my pretty new purchases like an addict.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Playtime with Catrice: Review of blush, foundation and other things nice....

Some of my Catrice lovelies. Brushes are from Real Techniques and Sephora.

So I have had some of my Catrice stuff for a month or two and tested them out. I have to say I made a beeline for the Blush Pearls in iROSEdescent from its Limited Edition Haute Future range only because it reminds me of Guerlain Meteorites. Except of course, this was much much cheaper, being about RM17.90 on sale.It's really quite cute.Colour-wise it lends a subtle pink sheen which I usually use like a highlighter over my actual blush (pic below).

The Defining Blush in Pinkerbell is actually a colour I won't normally get, seeing that it looks like quite a true pink in the pan. However as am trying out new colours, this way I get to do so without breaking the bank. I think this was like not more than RM15 on sale (cant remember exact pricings, sorry, since bought this a few months back). It really does pack a punch and needs a light hand and has a slight satin finish, which I prefer to totally matte anyway.

Another item that attracted me because it does look pretty, and also reminded me of Guerlain, is the Color Correcting Mattifying Powder in 010 Delicate Blossom, which was about RM22.90, I think.I've been swirling my powder brush and patting it over my foundation-ed face every since I got it. It's not bad at all, it didn't make me break out or turn ghostly white or anything. Just a normal finishing powder to me.

Don't mind the blemishes. Was testing out the Catrice blushes, powder, lipliner, highlighter and brow gel.  Was too lazy to slap on a primer too, hence the pores.
And then the Photo Finish 18-Hour foundation, which I originally got in Sand Beige..and then later on added Caramel Beige. The colour range is just too limited...Sand Beige is a touch too pale and ashy, while Caramel is too dark, so I figured I'll mix the two. For 30ml of product in a well-designed glass bottle for RM28.90 during was too good to pass on to play with. Especially since I discovered that it doesnt break me out and I actually like that unusual cool, silicone-ish feeling of the foundation. I still love my Bourjois 123 but this makes for a change every now and then. It has a more dewy finish too and looks better as the day went on. I think it probably has similar properties to Revlon's ColorStay Whipped Foundation (did a review on that here), which is why it somehow looks better the longer you wear it, though its in liquid form. I cant wait till they bring in more of their other foundation range here.

Catrice 040 ..And the Cherry On The Top Long Lasting Lip Pencil,  Made To Stay Highlighter Pen in 030 Eye Need, and the Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel in 010.

I quite like the Lip Pencil actually. Creamy and long-lasting at RM14.90 with a selection of colours. I seem to be on an extended love affair with the colour red, hence chose this cherry red pencil aptly named And The Cherry on The Top. Its creamier and more long-lasting than Maybelline's.

Wasn't too keen on the Highlighter Pen, at about RM18.90, at first as it didnt appear to finely milled during my initial swap but as I swiped it as a brow highlighter, it turned out quite nice actually. Just need to blend it out more and I'd say it's a nifty easy-to-use brow highlighter rather than to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. It's not as fine as I'd prefer an inner eyes highlighter to be and the shape doesnt make it that easy to go poking in your inner eye corners either. Or maybe its just my eye shape, who knows.

Ah the Brow Gel. It's really long name would be the Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel in 010, priced at around RM18.90 I think, and with a tinge of brown in it. I figured it would be a much cheaper alternative to Benefit's Brow Gel. It's wetter though and not as easy to control at first, perhaps because the brush is bigger than Benefit's, but it just takes a bit of practice. It's not too bad when you want  a more natural, subtle eyebrow look.

Swatch of the Lip Pencil and the Absolute Eye Colour in 640 Don't Touch My Mosserati on top of the                     18-Hour Photo Finish Foundation in Caramel Beige
The eyeshadows look beautiful too and even though I don't wear much eyeshadow at all, the moment I saw the green single eyeshadow in Don't Touch My Mosserati (yes, their products do have long but cute names),  I gotta have it in my collection. It's got great colour payoff, smooth and lasts reasonably well with eye primer (but note I have extremely oily eyelids and no eyeliner, shadows whatsoever have survived them, with primer making it marginally better). It's a beautiful mossy green with flecks of gold in it and was about RM12.90, I think.

All in all, not too bad really, especially for beauty on a budget. This line really will give the likes of Maybelline and Loreal a run for their money as it has a much more extensive line, reasonable quality and very competitive pricing. It's almost like Silkygirl's pricing but with better quality and much more de riguer or fashionable colours and packaging. I love their packaging, sturdy and quality stuff, better than Wet & Wild's, if looking at a similar price and colours point of view. Their eyeshadows and blushers are definitely better than Wet & Wild's too.

While it seems to me they are passing on whatever's discontinued in Europe to the Asian market, most drugstore brands seem to do that to us anyway (hey!). Another thing I noticed is that their products are made everywhere...from Italy, Poland, Germany to Taiwan and PRC.The QC must be impressive.

In any case, this brand seemed to be one of the most complete drugstore ranges I have seen here in Malaysia. What other brands have things like Brow Gel, Concealer set (this I will review separately...this post is too long as it is), primers, blush pearls, wide ranges of liners, lippies, mascara, nailpolish etc imaginable (talking little drugstore here, not brands with standalone stores)? Just wish more foundation and powders will make their way too as I see on their website they have some pretty interesting stuff there. There's plenty of high-end dupes to be had here and that's kind to your pocket too.

Which is probably why I have gotten the most diverse range of stuff from this one brand alone. I just noticed that as I put together this post :D


Friday, May 1, 2015

Catrice Nailpolish: May Day is Nail Day with Greige and GaLILACxy

Happy Labour Day!

And let's carry on with my Catrice fascination, shall we. I normally do my own nails, something surprisingly a lot of my girlfriends find unusual. I love doing my own nails. It's almost a de-stress method to me. The handiwork may not turn out perfect but it's all in the process. Besides, it's just so much more cost-effective. I'd rather spend that amount on a really good meal but then am a hardcore foodie :D Apart from an almost hardcore drugstore makeup junkie :D

Anyway before I digress further, I got hold of the Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 61 Greige! The New Beige and a Limited Edition Haute Future in C04 GaLILACxy.

Now, am usually into the typical reds and pinks and bright summer colours. And not so into glitter and all that shiny, metallic or tinfoil-ish looking stuff. So these two are quite the departure from my usual picks. After surveying my collection (bright and pastel stuff mostly) I decided to not keep getting similar colours...haha. And yes, these were  ten percent off at Guardian's. I never really buy anything that's not on sale really :D

My Catrice nailpolishes sandwiched between my faithful basecoat and topcoat from Sally Hansen.

Catrice 61 Greige! The New Beige

I know I'm kinda late on to the Greige bandwagon. Like maybe a good 3 or 4 years late?? since Chanel first introduced it on the catwalk with the shade Particulliere.  But then I was never a trend follower. Just do and wear whatever, people.

I actually didnt plan to get the frosty lilac that is GaLILACxy but for some reason it caught my attention. It seems to be from Catrice's seasonal range..most likely for Christmas to suit the winter theme. All their Haute Future stuff has that metallic sheen. Meanwhile the Greige is probably from the brand's permanent colour collection.

I didn't consciously plan to use one over the other either but like everything I do, I just went with the flow and I have to say the effect is quite unlike my usual cheerful colours. It is a very wintry look. And seeing that it's pretty much tropical humidity out here in Malaysia all year round, that's probably the reason why I subconsciously have been not into any icy, metallic looks.

However this effect turned out to be quite pretty.

And Limited Edition Haute Future in CO4 GaLILACxy over the Greige.

The GaLILACxy alone would have been a sheer metallic sheen with a hint of lilac in it. And Greige would have been, well, greyish beige. While the Greige could stand on its own and would have been office-appropriate, the GaLILACxy looks like it was made to be used over other colours.

Together, however, gave this cool, out-of-this-galaxy metallic look, somewhat not captured in the pic. The Greige with GaLILACxy over it became a kaleidoscopic metallic lilac updated modernistic finish with colours changing wherever the light hits it.

The consistency for Greige was a bit thick and could streak if not handled properly since it also does seem to dry fast. It was not too bad, being opaque, but two coats are best. GaLILACxy was really rather sheer on its own. I can foresee I'd be using it over other colours to change up whatever's already in my collection. So that's pretty handy too.

The brush is cut in a rather uneven manner though. It has that flat broad brush that I like but cut into a pointy tip. It's probably the rough brush material that made the brush uneven. Otherwise it would have been a dream to use, like Essence's . Bottle designs are pretty and look pricey. Though the cap for GaLILACxy somehow went a bit wonky with my very first twist (ha). As long as it still can twist shut and keep the polish alright, should be fine. Though that means the quality of the cap for the Haute Future line needs a bit more upgrading.

All in all, all good!

Catrice Haul ...yess!!

Yes. I've been MIA forever. And since then I have gotten tonnes...yes, tonnes...of stuff. Just exaggerating (kind of). But being the bargain hunter that I am, I get most excited with drugstore beauty bargains. As evidenced by my excitement over finally getting hold of Bourjois last year in selected local Watsons.

This year it would have to be finally getting Catrice in selected Guardian stores. You know that heart-pumping, eye-popping joy one feels about seeing what you've only lusted over for so long ...yes, talking about drugstore brand Catrice (not heartthrob Chris Evans nor the now-off-the-market George Clooney) here. Only hardcore junkies will understand :P

First sighting of Catrice and boom! Had to restrain myself from getting one of every thing.
To top it off, Guardian was having a sale at the time. So yes, I sort of went a bit mad. Haven't really stopped since. Mind you, this was about three months ago though, before GST kicked into the country and everybody's pockets, especially us makeup-lovin' ladies.

My selection was prompted by my intense curiosity to try one of every category although I managed to restrain myself. So got myself the following during the first round:

1) 18-Hour Photo Finish Foundation in 010 Sand Beige
2) Defining Blush in Pinkerbell
3) Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder
4) Limited Edition Haute Future Blush Pearls in C01 iROSEdescent
5) Liquid Eyeliner in Meet Joe Black
6) Smokey Eyes Pencil in 010 The Black Earl and 030 It's a Pleasure Treasure
7) Made To Stay Highlighter Pen in 030 Eye Need
8) Lashes To Kill Volume Mascara with False Lash Fibres

I think all 8 items costed an estimated not more than RM150, much thanks to the sale. I actually went on to add a few other products after that simply because the European brand really does have a wide range of product types (like everything) and this with Malaysia still not carrying its entire range. Imagine if the full range was here...which they should with the economy being it is, bet a drugstore brand with such competitive price points will have consumers jumping for joy and other borderline expensive drugstore brands like Maybelline, Loreal and Revlon, a real run for their moolah :D

I wish Rimmel,Covergirl and Physician's Formula were back in Malaysia too. Ahhh..... *drugstore makeup junkie fantasy* ....

Anyway, back to Catrice on hand. I tend to slowly use my purchases bit by bit and not all at once so any upcoming reviews will be staggered throughout and punctuated by other items. Patience.....