Catrice Nailpolish: May Day is Nail Day with Greige and GaLILACxy

Happy Labour Day!

And let's carry on with my Catrice fascination, shall we. I normally do my own nails, something surprisingly a lot of my girlfriends find unusual. I love doing my own nails. It's almost a de-stress method to me. The handiwork may not turn out perfect but it's all in the process. Besides, it's just so much more cost-effective. I'd rather spend that amount on a really good meal but then am a hardcore foodie :D Apart from an almost hardcore drugstore makeup junkie :D

Anyway before I digress further, I got hold of the Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 61 Greige! The New Beige and a Limited Edition Haute Future in C04 GaLILACxy.

Now, am usually into the typical reds and pinks and bright summer colours. And not so into glitter and all that shiny, metallic or tinfoil-ish looking stuff. So these two are quite the departure from my usual picks. After surveying my collection (bright and pastel stuff mostly) I decided to not keep getting similar colours...haha. And yes, these were  ten percent off at Guardian's. I never really buy anything that's not on sale really :D

My Catrice nailpolishes sandwiched between my faithful basecoat and topcoat from Sally Hansen.

Catrice 61 Greige! The New Beige

I know I'm kinda late on to the Greige bandwagon. Like maybe a good 3 or 4 years late?? since Chanel first introduced it on the catwalk with the shade Particulliere.  But then I was never a trend follower. Just do and wear whatever, people.

I actually didnt plan to get the frosty lilac that is GaLILACxy but for some reason it caught my attention. It seems to be from Catrice's seasonal range..most likely for Christmas to suit the winter theme. All their Haute Future stuff has that metallic sheen. Meanwhile the Greige is probably from the brand's permanent colour collection.

I didn't consciously plan to use one over the other either but like everything I do, I just went with the flow and I have to say the effect is quite unlike my usual cheerful colours. It is a very wintry look. And seeing that it's pretty much tropical humidity out here in Malaysia all year round, that's probably the reason why I subconsciously have been not into any icy, metallic looks.

However this effect turned out to be quite pretty.

And Limited Edition Haute Future in CO4 GaLILACxy over the Greige.

The GaLILACxy alone would have been a sheer metallic sheen with a hint of lilac in it. And Greige would have been, well, greyish beige. While the Greige could stand on its own and would have been office-appropriate, the GaLILACxy looks like it was made to be used over other colours.

Together, however, gave this cool, out-of-this-galaxy metallic look, somewhat not captured in the pic. The Greige with GaLILACxy over it became a kaleidoscopic metallic lilac updated modernistic finish with colours changing wherever the light hits it.

The consistency for Greige was a bit thick and could streak if not handled properly since it also does seem to dry fast. It was not too bad, being opaque, but two coats are best. GaLILACxy was really rather sheer on its own. I can foresee I'd be using it over other colours to change up whatever's already in my collection. So that's pretty handy too.

The brush is cut in a rather uneven manner though. It has that flat broad brush that I like but cut into a pointy tip. It's probably the rough brush material that made the brush uneven. Otherwise it would have been a dream to use, like Essence's . Bottle designs are pretty and look pricey. Though the cap for GaLILACxy somehow went a bit wonky with my very first twist (ha). As long as it still can twist shut and keep the polish alright, should be fine. Though that means the quality of the cap for the Haute Future line needs a bit more upgrading.

All in all, all good!


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