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Latest drugstore haul in Lion City - mostly Rimmel!

Yes, I have been MIA for quite a while. While I may have been lacking on the blogging attempt, my penchant for makeup has remained pretty much the same. Am still a drugstore addict, despite my best attempts. A makeup addict yes, but due to limited purse-strings and the plunging Ringgit, am still at heart, fundamentally a drugstore makeup addict.

And so while a great many purchases have gone undocumented herewith since my last post, I decided to just upload a quick one of a guilty haul I did while I was in Singapore a few days ago. I said guilty, because I really shouldn't be hauling that much, I certainly wasn't planning to. But oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men. In this case, of a makeup junkie who despite all good intentions to rehabilitate herself, has gone and done it....again.

You see, I really miss Rimmel. Many, many moons ago, this amazing UK drugstore cosmetic brand was actually available in Malaysia. I believe it was sold in Guardian, if am not mistaken. Fo…

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