Online beauty bargains at Hermo

Online shopping is quite dangerous.

Wait. Shopping is dangerous. Period. Making it so easy to click and buy online just multiplied the dangers for a compulsive shopper like me.

In any case, the online campaign that has waged for months sure worked at click-baiting me. Gullible me got reeled right in with its recent cybersale. But I have to say, it was worth it.

My first ever purchases on Laneige firming sleeping pack, Clean It Zero and BH Cosmetics brushes
After hemming and hawing over the stuff I clicked into my shopping cart, doing mini researches and price comparisons, I finally settled on getting the Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack, Banila Co Clean It Zero and the cutest ever BH Cosmetics 11-pieces Polka Dot Brushes Set.

I've been using the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and have gotten kind of hooked on it. A lazy gal, slapping it on at night makes me feel like I actually have a "night time skincare routine". Ha.

But really, I kinda like it because it does hydrate my combination skin without making it oilier or break out. In fact it helped to calm down any pimples threatening its way up my face. I've never tried the firming version and seeing it at about 30% off its usual price on the Hermo website led me to add it to my shopping cart. It's typically the more expensive among the Laneige stable of sleeping packs, so getting it at such a decent price (RM98.10), was quite the motivator.

As for the Banila Co Clean It Zero, I've been seeing so much of it being raved about online, that its RM49.90 deal gave me the impetus to add it in.

As for the BH Cosmetics 11-pcs Polka Dot brushes set...come on. Look at it. It's pink. With polka dots. Like its the biggest girlie mind-f@ck ever. I've been seeing it online for the longest time. Via local online resellers, it's usually about RM120 thereabouts. As am into my Real Techniques brushes (cheaper than the coveted Sigma but works well and are hardy), I've always ogled at them as pretty nice-to-haves, but not really something I'd splash out on. But then....oh It was a mere RM79.20 on sale. So in it went into my cyber shopping cart.

I also plonked in It's Skin - Babyface It's Natural Eyebrow pencil (RM11.90) and Revlon Emery Boards (was 10 pieces for RM2.50!)...(both not in pic)..and finally proceeded to pay after sleeping over my cart choices. 

The package came in a neat little box, with the products all bubble-wrapped neatly about 5 days later. It may have excited the receptionists as they hurriedly sent it over :D sure excited me!

The products came in perfect form and am really happy with the bargain prices I got them at. Will get around to reviewing them at some point. Right now am quite happy ogling my pretty new purchases like an addict.


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