A Tart for Tarte

Yes. I am a Tarte-aholic.

Tarte is only available in Sephora in Malaysia, so on any given weekend, one might see me lingering at the Tarte counter in the nearest Sephora.

I was devastated when I missed out on the Rainforest palette. But really because I thought the colours were gorgeous and I 'd definitely wear them. And then the Tarte Noir palette came out. I still prefer the Rainforest colours, but this was too pretty to pass up. And while at Sephora, of course, the Tarte Slenderizer caught my eye as well.
Tarte Noir and Tarte Slenderizer: Too pretty to pass up

As always these Tarte purchases are in pretty and luxe packaging. The gold accents brings up the luxe factor quite a few notches.

Tarte Noir: Isn't that gorgeous?
The palette was just soo pretty to look at; and like the name, gives off a very Noir impression. Dark, purplish plums, with an iridescent highlighter and dark, matte liner, and a neutral blusher that I love. Though I really love Tarte blushers in general :)

The lighter matte colours were a bit chalky though, needed harder work to get the colour in. And these colours will most likely suit a cool, fair complexion more than my olive undertones, I have to admit. But it's soooo pretty to look at in the pan! (Yes, symptoms of a makeupholic and hoarder). I still enjoyed playing around with them though. Those who have other Tarte palettes might want to give this a miss though, as there may be similar colours there. For me, this is my first palette with eyeshadows, so that's okay (yes, justifying my makeupholic tendencies...but true!).

As for the Slenderizer, I couldnt pass it up. I thought the idea of a contouring shade on one end, and a highligher on the other, pure genius. For lazy klutzes like me..who was also coincidentally looking to test out a contouring crayon or cream, but not really into splashing out too much for it, this was just right. I started my shading/contouring curve with the Elf duo once upon a time, when I first started out being a true makeupholic. That duo is still one of my all-time favs, btw.

The Slenderizer is easy to use, a natural colour thats easy to blend and gives just a touch of a contouring shade. Am quite conservative when I use it still as I prefer a natural contouring. Nothing Kardashian about this one.

Tarte me up any time!


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