Latest drugstore haul in Lion City - mostly Rimmel!

Yes, I have been MIA for quite a while. While I may have been lacking on the blogging attempt, my penchant for makeup has remained pretty much the same. Am still a drugstore addict, despite my best attempts. A makeup addict yes, but due to limited purse-strings and the plunging Ringgit, am still at heart, fundamentally a drugstore makeup addict.

And so while a great many purchases have gone undocumented herewith since my last post, I decided to just upload a quick one of a guilty haul I did while I was in Singapore a few days ago. I said guilty, because I really shouldn't be hauling that much, I certainly wasn't planning to. But oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men. In this case, of a makeup junkie who despite all good intentions to rehabilitate herself, has gone and done it....again.

I really couldn't help much RIMMEL!
You see, I really miss Rimmel. Many, many moons ago, this amazing UK drugstore cosmetic brand was actually available in Malaysia. I believe it was sold in Guardian, if am not mistaken. For some reason, the brand was pulled out from Malaysian shores, much to my dismay as I totally loved it, as even their nail polishes were great quality. It is however nowadays available in Watsons Singapore, which was where I found it, and purchased all of the above. They didn't carry the nail polishes though :( Nor the highly-touted Kate Moss edition.

Nevertheless, with my eyeballs bulging in happy recognition of the much-missed brand, I spent a great time perusing the kiosk. Lucky for me Watsons SG had a sale going on over the weekend I was in SG, with discounts going from 20% to 40% on most of the items I had purchased above. I could feel the cashier's recognition of a starved Malaysian makeup addict as he rung up the sale....

Also lucky for me, the kiosks at the Watsons outlet in Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City, were well-stocked and beautifully-arranged. I presume people who go to that side of Orchard Rd will only be looking at high-end stuff, hence the drugstore is left untouched...happily enough, for plebs like me. And queue lines were short. Oh happy happy was I.

Anyway, I haven't the heart to start testing out the items yet. I did get one item for a brand not available in Malaysia, called Australis, an Aussie drugstore brand. I was curious about it as it's a banana powder compact...very intriguing. I also got an eyebrow powder liner from Essence, which somehow had an Umbrella edition that doesnt seem available in Malaysia. While I was extremely tempted to pick up a blusher as the embossed picture really looked cute, it seemed a tad more powdery than the usual Essence blusher, so I opted for the eyebrow powder instead.

Will post on the items as and when they are used. Meanwhile will probably update on my other random makeup items. Much love to anyone patient enough to read this :D


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