Four Best Make Up Hacks

I am one of those people who, in my attempt to justify what I spend of make up, spends hours trying to get that so-called flawless look. And failing. 

But then through my various attempts over the few years I've just started being a make up fan, I've found a few fallback tricks. Four, to be exact. 

Check below for the four best make up hacks you ladies must try. Keep scrolling!

1.    Turn eyeliner pencil into gel

You know when that once-soft eyeliner becomes hardened, kinda crumbly and not so smooth? Or it just so happened one of your newly-purchased eyeliners buys wasn't as smooth as you thought it'd be. Or you really just wanna play around with fire *kidding*. Well, try this: hold your pencil eyeliner under towards a flame (try a lighter or a lit candle) for about one second and let it cool down for 15 seconds. This will make the eyeliner softer and easier to apply. Like them "gel" eyeliners that they all market.

2.    Check your makeup under different light. Always!

I used to think the foundation I applied on in my room looked pretty alright. Till I stepped into the ultra bright bathroom, with its no holds-barred natural light coming in. Then...its..yikess. So the moral of the story is, always check your makeup in different lightings, but especially under natural light. Like when you get into your car, for example, or in the living room. This is because the bright light outside can help you to see clearer.

3.    How to make your eyes look wider

Contrary to popular belief, sweep your mascara towards your nose and not upwards. This helps to make the lashes look fuller and your eyes bigger. And yes, I am a mascara fanatic. Apart from blush. And lipstick. Ok ok...everything.

4.    Don’t throw your liquid makeup

Get that inner cheapskate out, or rather the smart, economical person. Get more out of your liquid foundation, especially those in tubes. Cut them open and scoop the remaining into plastic pots or cleaned jars. This is a smart way to get more bang for your buck.

And there you go! Hope you find these make up tricks useful as they have been useful for me. As you know, sharing is caring. So if you know any good makeup tips you might want to share, hit the comment button below. 

"Don't panic, it's just make up"


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