Happy tangerine nails... Essence Colour & Go

I was down in Singapore recently and had done a bit of damage (not inclusive of my numerous damages before or since btw). I'll start slow though and kick off with a nail polish I got at the local Singapore Watsons for SGD6.90, if am not mistaken. I just loveee the colour when I saw it on the rack and although I keep telling myself enough of nail polishes, couldnt help it. Consoled myself saying its just a drugstore brand..Essence...and even after conversion into Msian Ringgit, still not breaking the bank.

Essence used to be available in Malaysia and had its own standalone kiosks (in Midvalley and along Bt Bintang near Lot 10) and I don't know why they all seemed to have disappeared! I used to adore browsing through their products and not feeling guilty if I got anything from there as they really were very well-priced, reasonable quality drugstore products (although in Malaysia they seem to open kiosks rather than be in actual drugstores). In fact, in my earlier post, I mentioned I got my first beauty blender lookalike sponge at their Bt Bintang outlet.

Anyway, this one's on the Essence nailpolish from it's Colour & Go range in the colour 117 I'm So Very. Interesting name, yes? Took me a while to locate it too, very tiny print near the barcode. It's  a beautiful orange, almost burnt sienna colour; or in the fashion parlance of all things orange:  a tangerine shade. Interestingly the nailpolish is even made in France; imagine how super cheap it really is in the EU.

Ain't that pretty? Essence Colour & Go, people

The nail polish brush doesnt disappoint, in fact better than Revlon's, or it's just me who loves those firm, flat type nailpolish brushes as they really make application a breeze. The colour payoff was pretty amazing as well; one coat and it was practically done although I always do two coats regardless. I applied it just like my usual routine ala my happy coral nail routine with one tweak:  I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri quick dry topcoat.

Sadly the polish seems to peel off pretty easily. I loved the colour so much I repainted them again a second time round thinking maybe I was too rushed in proper application the first time. But no..it peeled off just as easily after three days. Therefore I'm So Very...sad that it doesnt last at all really. Love the colour and the ease of application but no staying power. Can be worn for three days max and then change it up.

Still loving it; even if it doesnt last. Hmm...sounds like some relationships, no?

Wanted to share on the Matte Bronzer I picked up as well but for the life of me, cant seem to find it. Will post it up once I find it.


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