Bourjois Healthy last

After all my Youtube beauty guru stalking, you can imagine how I'd lusted over Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. It's been loved up by so many online I naturally had that at the top of my things-to-get when I came down to the land of many fines (i.e. Singapore, and hey, they have fridge magnets proclaiming themselves as that).

It was pretty steep for drugstore...hence my initial hesitation when I ran into the counter at BHG Bugis Plaza (I think thats where it was but definitely at Bugis St). My first take was..whoa tiny bottle and steep price for drugstore! I tested and tested and hung out there so long the SAs must have thought I was some bug-eyed idiot (or in local speak: jakun). I ended up with some other items (which I will duly talk about later on). I eventually did cave in and got it at John Little over at Marina Square (which btw had a bigger collection and other interesting drugstore brands) for around SGD34.00 (methinks its thereabouts, or was it SGD34.90).

Tada! Costed me an arm and a leg in drugstore terms...damyou Youtube beauty gurus :P
I had tested it so much at BHG, where they only had three shades (51, 52 and 53), which to me then looked rather light. I couldnt decide if I was a 53 but then I found a 54, which said Beige, at John Little's. Am typically a beige for most foundations and it seemed to match me so I bagged it.

New Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 54
After blended in. The formula is rather watery and very blendable and I love the floral smell.
And so I testdrove it once back home.

ALAS! Turns out the colour appears a bit too dark for me even after I've taken in quite a bit of sun with my outdoor activities. The consistency of the foundation is such that it sheers out so I could probably winged a 52 even (since my neck is actually quite fair).

In any case I still love the foundation itself though probably because I love the floral fragrance and its blendability and texture. On my combination skin and in this humid weather however, this mix is just a bit too "healthy" as I ended up looking a bit too "glowy" aka oily. Patting down powder helped a bit but the oil peeked through three hours in, for me.

I think this formula would be great if I were to use it in drier, colder climates but in our tropical heat, all that "radiance" would probably translate into an oil slick for oily, combination skins. Perhaps dry, mature skins can pull it off here too.

I love the bottle actually and the pump dispenser and truly love the floral fragrance too. Some might find the fragrance a bit strong but to me, it's quite comforting, and it doesn't stay on in any case. For 30ml of product and no SPF, its a bit steep. I foresee myself passing it on to my mum as she'd might be able to pull off the colour and formula.

I haven't given up on Bourjois yet! I got the blusher....heheh...


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