In trend cherry red (pink?) lipsticks

I don't know why I ended up with as many as three lippies in a month.

(Or let's give up the pretense of needing any reason to splurge on makeup. Period :P.)

And two being very close in colour too. At least one is more towards a coral peach colour. Whilst I bought three lippies, for the sake of this post, let's focus on the two that's very much in the cherry red category, which are the Inglot lipstick in 140 and the Wet & Wild lipstick in Cherry Picking.

L-R: Loreal Color Riche Lipstick in CR402 Fairy Touch, Inglot lipstick in 140, Wet & Wild Lipstick in 965 Cherry Picking 

I'd taken pics and swatches of all three but didnt have a pic of the Loreal one on my lips. It's also the only one that is a different color altogether, a peachy pink. I suspect I didn't really pay attention to doing an actual lip swatch on the Loreal Fairy Touch because well, it's just not as excitingly striking as the other two :P

Swatches with flash: L-R: Loreal Fairy Touch, Inglot 140, Wet & Wild Cherry Picking

Swatches without flash: L-R: Loreal Fairy Touch, Inglot 140, Wet & Wild Cherry Picking

Top: Inglot 140, Bottom: W&W Cherry Picking in natural light

Inglot 140

Wet & Wild Cherry Picking

Cherry red (or pink, depending which end of the spectrum you're looking at) lippies seemed to be the trend for Spring and yes,  I got carried away. Not because they are supposedly in trend but because am on this weird colour craze still.

The Inglot, if you can tell, has more of a blue tone in it, and the texture is more moist compared to the Wet & Wild lipstick, which is a deeper cherry colour, more to red.  At RM50, it is also more pricey than the RM16 I paid for the Wet & Wild one online. Both however are crazy pigmented, amazing lovely color payoff that stays on the lips. While the Inglot is more moist on the lips, the Wet & Wild has a more matte texture and may be too drying for some (but nothing slicking on lipbalm prior can't fix), both have great staying power. In pictures they look rather pink but really, in real life they are more towards cherry red, especially the Wet & Wild lipstick. The Inglot is almost a bright fuchsia but not quite somehow, probably because it has more of a blue rather than purple undertone?

I love love them both but they still need guts to carry off.

If the Loreal Color Riche in Fairy Touch doesn't seem to get much love from me, I guess that's because it's kinda...boring. Well, it looked really great swatched on my hand in the store, I thought it could be the "My-Lips-But-Better" (MLBB) kind of lippie. Also I was actually on the lookout for that infamous Loreal Fairest Nude that everyone seems to be talking about online as the MLBB lippie of all time. Looks like they just don't have that for the Malaysian market (like everything else that rocks for the drugstore category). Truth be told, am not a Loreal fan at all based on earlier experiences with the entire line (their skincare and makeup just doesn't suit me). But after a long, long time of not having anything Loreal in my stash (except for hair products), I thought, why not just try looking for that nude lippie. And Guardian was having this fantastic sale. So, went hunting, couldn't find that particular shade but thought the Fairy Touch looked pretty close to being a MLBB and so got it. I got it at around RM22 on discount, if I remember correctly.

I have to say the box it came in looks pretty classy, made it look more than just drugstore. The lippie casing is the same as it always has been (gold, square) but Loreal always has had pretty nice packaging. Unfortunately not really into the actual colour on my lips although I've been slicking it on at work for the past week to see if it'll grow on me. It's a coral-ish peach that looks...I don't know...bright? Pale? Pale-ish bright kind of coral? The texture and consistency appears creamy but its not as long lasting as the other two lippies.

And  I also remembered why I've been off Loreal lippies in the first place. Maybe it's just me but then I remembered my sister reporting the same thing before: it makes the lips dry. Not at first but overtime as you wear it over the days. I haven't had dry skin highlighted on my lips for a pretty long time, possibly because I use lipbalm a lot at night or in general. So I was surprised why my lips suddenly had flakiness highlighted on them when I wear the Loreal lippie.

Anyway, thank Gawd it didn't cost me too much. I'll probably give it away to someone who likes the color, so usually my mistake purchases get a home with those who actually likes or looks good in them.

This lippie adventure has whetted my appetite for more lippies though...dangerous! Especially the Wet & Wild RM16 a pop at local online store (, you really can go a bit wild without breaking the bank.


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