My Anti-Acne Facial Cleansing Routine...

Just a note on my facial cleansing routine for the past one year. I used to break out all the time and for reasons am not sure of either. I'd usually break out at the sides of my face like near my jawline or forehead. Also I broke out during the time I was trying out new products, especially primers, something which I never wore before. Or new foundations.

Then I changed my facial cleansers (yes, I used different ones for different reasons)  and added on using a non-alcoholic toner. For my oily combination skin, I'd been using a  makeup remover and a scrub/mask cleanser, before putting on moisturizer. I kept breaking out at one point and had added on a salicylic acid-based pimple cream as well but nothing seemed to stop the outbreaks.

Then I realised it was probably because of the primers I was using and also maybe my makeup cleanser wasnt thoroughly cleaning off the makeup? Anyway in the process I stopped using primers except for the days when I really needed the makeup to last and look perfect. I discovered the (expensive) Biotherm primer just wasn't working for me and gave it away. I was also using the ELF Mineral-Infused primer, which feels more silicone-based and didnt break me out as much, but I only used it to finish it up. And once that was finished, I just took a break from primers in general.

Meanwhile I switched my cleansers. Was walking around Sephora and loved Soap & Glory's cute packaging (yes, sucker for pink and catchy copy). And saw their "Scrub Your Nose in It" cleanser, a "multi-tasking scrub and mask marvel". It claims to help refine large pores and prevent blemishes, and has a special fruit-acid formula.  It was RM39.90 and I figured I have nothing to lose so I got one. One year later and am on to my perhaps fifth tube of it with no regrets.

My facial cleansing regime these days...nothing fancy, mostly drugstore and works for me so far.
The Soap & Glory cleanser is essentially a scrub, which can be used as a mask if left on the face for about 3 minutes. Pretty easy and pleasant to use and I love the results from the first use till now. From the first use, my face cleared up and brightened up. Maybe because the cleanser's fruit-acid ingredients did it. I even use it on my back which had some acne and it cleared that up too.

On top of that I started using the Biore Cleansing Oil. I used to have all these reservations about it as I cant imagine getting rid of makeup without the traditional good old swipe with cotton-wool. Then I just gave it a try. It really is a make-up remover wonder. Not only is it cost-saving (I've never paid full price for this, always stocking them up during Guardian or Watson's sales at about RM19-ish each), it is planet-saving in the sense that you don't need to use cotton-wool as well. And time-saving. You just pump out the amount you need to massage the makeup off your face while you're in the shower, and then you just wash it all off under the shower.

And then I'll use the Soap & Glory scrub. And after out of the shower, I'll pat on the O'Slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III...a mouthful for what is essentially a rosehip-based moisturising toner. I discovered this toner when I was desperate about how to put back the moisture and glow to my face and to close the gaping pores. Getting older, those are the things that one will see the most, even for combination faces. I was amazed that upon using this rather non-descript (even with bad English on its packaging) product, it actually did help to smoothen my face, closing the pores a bit more and prepping the skin for my moisturiser. This is the only constant item I use from the brand, being onto probably the fifth bottle of it too.

Every now and then I use the Cetaphil cleanser as well but usually in the mornings since the face just have the night's moisturiser on it and so won't need such deep-cleansing. I used to use Cetaphil when my face was breaking out before and I didnt want to overly aggravate it with scrubs all the time. Now its more of a once-in-a-while in the mornings or when my face feels a little dry.

All in all, that's my cleansing routine. Simple, fairly cheap, and so far works for me. Small changes to my products went a long way in clearing up my spots.

As for primers,  I didnt totally swore off them...I finally found one that worked...but that's for another post.. :D


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