The pudding-like Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation

Okay. So I've been sort of dying of curiosity about the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation for the longest time.

The infamous glass jar: Revlon Colorstay 24H Whipped Foundation in 250 Medium and with SPF20

As always, this swatch addict kept swatching it out whenever she passes by the Revlon counter. The pudding-like consistency really grabbed my attention; it's nothing like I've ever seen before. It may have been out in the market for some time now but I took my time with it as I remember I havent really been a fan of the cult 24H Colorstay liquid foundation in the first place. And this happens to be from the same variant but different formula, while still upholding its 24  hour staying power claim.As an Asian with some yellow undertone, Revlon liquid foundations haven't been a good match for me either.

But as usual, I succumbed. Time after time I tested out that delicious pudding-like consistency with its silky touch, and I finally caved in. I figured why not try it in Medium? Sand Beige appears a bit too white for me while Warm Golden turns out to be a misnomer as its not all its cracked up to be either with its decidedly pinkish undertones. What Warm Golden? More like a Rose Gold. I don't know why NC30 peeps all over the the webworld claims its a fit for them, it really has a pink undertone. Anyway Revlon has great stuff but it still hasn't done much in the colors to suit Asian skin colors dept or maybe for some strange reason they don't put out as much color choices in Malaysia.

Trial run of the Revlon Colorstay 24H Whipped Foundation

Without further ado, once purchased I gave it a whirl. I love that smooth, creamy feel but one should use a spatula or a Qtip. It's horrifyingly unhygienic to be dipping your fingers in there each time although it does bring back memories of being a child and dipping into the condensed milk.

Blended out...see the slight whitish cast? Maybe its the SPF?

My first try of the 250 Medium Beige was a bit of a downer. It still had a whitish cast over my complexion (which is typically a NC30-35 for Mac). While it was fun to slide on the foundation with my fingers (I havent been using my fingers for foundation ever since I discovered the flat top kabuki and the stippling brush), I dont see how this foundation can be easy to use for  a get-up-and-go-in-the-morning kind of person like me. With fingers being the best applicator for this foundation, and the way that it's packaged (in a glass jar), it has a tendency to get messy too.

I have combination skin that veers towards being oily so this creme-like foundation, for me, needs to be set with some powder. At my first try I'd probably put on a bit too much and it had a mask-like effect even after extensive finger blending. Boo. I also waited out for the foundation to set on its own for a bit before patting on powder. And even after setting with powder, it actually turned into a virtual oil slick at the end of the day.Probably our tropical weather here doesnt help.

That was my first impression. Not too impressed at all.

Then I tried it again. And again. But as an undereye concealer when I was rushing out the door. And then when I had a bit more time, as a foundation again but with very little being dabbed and blended on. That's when I found that its wearable for me. Because of its creamy, polymer-ish feel, I found it perfect as an undereye concealer as it doesnt highlight any creases or fine lines, and as it does have a whitish cast, it helps hide undereye circles. I guess because it has dimethicone as its top ingredient.

As a foundation,  I find I only need to use very little blended into parts of my face that needs a little more help. Then it didnt look so mask-like. And I could even skip the powder-setting bit when I was in a rush although it would help to set it a bit more. The foundation's meant to be more for a dewy look though since it is a creme makeup. It claims to be talc and paraben-free, and with SPF20, so I quite liked those ideas. Am not sure about it being able to last 24 hours though because I use my fav Dr Murad Hybrids primer anyway.

So, not bad, but not a must-have to me.After all that lusting and reading glowing reviews about it, I'd  expected a lot out of it.If you can find a match for your skintone and if you have drier skin, it could work way better probably.


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