Murad Skin Perfecting absolute HG primer

I blogged earlier about how primers broke me out and I laid off them for a while. Well, that's changed since I picked up a lil something during my trip down to Singapore recently.

It is the Murad Skin Perfecting Primer from its Hybrids range, and for my skin type, I picked up the variant for Blemish and Shine Control. It's also available in Dewy or Matte variants.

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer...about RM165 in Sephora Malaysia for a 30ml pump bottle. Apparently you can buy it for the same price at online store, Zalora.

I actually got it at a Murad kiosk in a mall in Singapore during an offer for SGD50, which was a "steal", considering it is RM165 in Malaysia. Still, for me, it is steep. In fact, this primer is probably the single most expensive makeup product I may have in my collection (discounting my Smashbox eyeshadow pallette, which is totally different as it is a pallette full of colours rather than one single item).

Yet it is truly one buy I do not regret at all and am glad I did.

Because this primer ROCKS. Yes, it does. I don't normally give all out positive reviews on things but I have no reservations whatsoever to give full points for this Murad primer. The only thing that detracts is its price point but then it is really worth the moolah.

It is super lightweight, has no silicone feel to it whatsoever, has no SPF either and blends into your skin like nothing I've seen before. And really, truly makes your makeup last all day long. AND it did not break me out at all but made my skin look better too. I've even taken to sometimes going out without makeup but still putting this over my moisturiser before rushing out the door.

My complexion has improved to the point that I've taken to not really wearing all that much makeup these days actually, and this primer seems to help too.

Truly a Holy Grail product for primers and worth every cent.


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