Catrice Haul ...yess!!

Yes. I've been MIA forever. And since then I have gotten tonnes...yes, tonnes...of stuff. Just exaggerating (kind of). But being the bargain hunter that I am, I get most excited with drugstore beauty bargains. As evidenced by my excitement over finally getting hold of Bourjois last year in selected local Watsons.

This year it would have to be finally getting Catrice in selected Guardian stores. You know that heart-pumping, eye-popping joy one feels about seeing what you've only lusted over for so long ...yes, talking about drugstore brand Catrice (not heartthrob Chris Evans nor the now-off-the-market George Clooney) here. Only hardcore junkies will understand :P

First sighting of Catrice and boom! Had to restrain myself from getting one of every thing.
To top it off, Guardian was having a sale at the time. So yes, I sort of went a bit mad. Haven't really stopped since. Mind you, this was about three months ago though, before GST kicked into the country and everybody's pockets, especially us makeup-lovin' ladies.

My selection was prompted by my intense curiosity to try one of every category although I managed to restrain myself. So got myself the following during the first round:

1) 18-Hour Photo Finish Foundation in 010 Sand Beige
2) Defining Blush in Pinkerbell
3) Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder
4) Limited Edition Haute Future Blush Pearls in C01 iROSEdescent
5) Liquid Eyeliner in Meet Joe Black
6) Smokey Eyes Pencil in 010 The Black Earl and 030 It's a Pleasure Treasure
7) Made To Stay Highlighter Pen in 030 Eye Need
8) Lashes To Kill Volume Mascara with False Lash Fibres

I think all 8 items costed an estimated not more than RM150, much thanks to the sale. I actually went on to add a few other products after that simply because the European brand really does have a wide range of product types (like everything) and this with Malaysia still not carrying its entire range. Imagine if the full range was here...which they should with the economy being it is, bet a drugstore brand with such competitive price points will have consumers jumping for joy and other borderline expensive drugstore brands like Maybelline, Loreal and Revlon, a real run for their moolah :D

I wish Rimmel,Covergirl and Physician's Formula were back in Malaysia too. Ahhh..... *drugstore makeup junkie fantasy* ....

Anyway, back to Catrice on hand. I tend to slowly use my purchases bit by bit and not all at once so any upcoming reviews will be staggered throughout and punctuated by other items. Patience.....



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