Loving Bourjois :)

So during the recent long weekend I had the chance to test out my Bourjois goodies. After non-stop testing over a few days, I have to say for my combination/oily skin, I've found my go-to drugstore foundation in Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation. Yay!

My recent Bourjois mini haul.
 For my medium tone skin, I picked No 53. The description Light Beige is a misnomer; it's really more like Medium Beige.
It has a soft, blendable texture that allows for easy application.

Blends out beautifully. Medium and buildable semi-matte coverage, SPF10.
After a brief dalliance with the highly-recommended Loreal's True Match foundation, which ended up so-so, not enough coverage and not helping my oily complexion much, I can finally say I have found The One, for drugstore category.

The Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation is great for a semi-matte look. I like how it looks natural before setting with powder but then knowing how my oily face will shine soon enough, I usually set it with loose powder.

This time around I tried my newly-purchased Bourjois Loose Powder in 02. There were only two colours available, I chose the darker powder, which looked like it has a bit more yellow in it. Unlike the foundation, the packaging for the loose powder was a bit flimsy with a basic powder puff. The texture was not as finely milled as I would prefer but nevertheless does the job. Dabbing it on reminded me of the old aunties in the past when they put on "bedak sejuk" :D ...rofl...but the excess powder can easily be buffed off. Well, not bad for its price though not a must have.

Then also tried my second addition to the pot blush, this time in Rose Ambre. I was kinda disappointed with the texture of this one compared to my first purchase, which was of Healthy Mix. This latest addition was powdery and didnt blend so well. The colour looks a bit dark rather than a healthy flush on me as well. Somehow  I feel the quality of the packaging is not as good as before too but I could be wrong.

Back to the 123 Perfect foundation, it claims to have 3 correcting pigments that claim to be anti-dark circles, anti-dull complexion and anti-redness, and to last up to 16 hours. Sounds like a high order but basically what it did for me was that it evened out my complexion and if I needed more coverage, I could blend on some more. It has a semi-matte velvety finish which I pretty much prefer over to matte. As for the 16 hour claim, not with my skin. I typically have to touch up 4 or 6 hours in general, but it really depends if am indoors or outdoors in this humid weather.

The sturdy packaging is fantastic as well, a slim glass bottle with pump encasing 30ml worth of product. Retails at RM55.90. The pot blush retails at RM39.90 while the Loose Powder retails at RM49.90. However I bought all three during a sale at the main kiosk in Sunway so had a really great deal with 20% off.


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