Shading Powder

I always admired the handywork of makeup artists who make shading really work as I've seen the magic of shading on others and myself,  making one have more of cheekbones and chiselled chin. But as you might know, am a real noob when it comes to applying makeup myself. But am still curious about it.

So I take the route of the makeup hoarder. I bought this before the other stuff actually, when I was out of town for an event. In a mall located at a sleepy coastal town during my lunch break. It had a 20% off or something to that effect and didnt cost beyond RM40. Since I was just curious about learning to shade, thought I'd start out with something to practice with. Behold Chamildo Duo Beauty Make Up Powder! Eat your kimchi, people :P

CHAMILDO Duo Beauty Make Up Powder: Sturdy black plastic casing, sold at a stall packed with Korean cosmetics. The saleslady claims makeup academies use this item from the brand as part of their learning kit.

I always get my cheap laughs from Korean or Jap copy on anything (plastic ware, stationeries etc) and this duo powder shading  kit didnt disappoint. It had that weird pseudo-English product description/sales pitch at the back of the case as well (see below and excuse the less-than-stellar quality of  pic taken with phone cam).


Anyway, on to the makeup itself. It opens up to reveal, well, as the name says: duo powder. Two matte powders, one in dark brown and the other a light beige. I kind of regretted not taking the other powder duo (from same brand) which was dark brown with white (since I dont have white powder which could have probably been used as highlighter). In retrospect this light beige is almost like it can pass off as a compact face powder, albeit a light one. Although it is easier to blend, I found.

Duo Powder kapow! it does reflect the product name. It comes with a plastic cover over the powder and a small strip of mirror at the top. 

Swatched both matte powders under natural light. Color payoff and staying power is not bad at all.
I've played around with the powders twice and find that it's pretty useful for the price I got it for. It's worth it for someone just learning to use shading powders. If the brown looks like its too dark, apply it with a light hand and build up the color as necessary, which was what I did. Am aiming for bronzers after this. Getting excited about mineralized finishes...I was freaked out by them before but now I might try them. Am even thinking of shimmer finishes, maybe a slight shimmer to start with :P


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