Brushes brushes brushes! Coastal Scents 22 Brushes!

I just got my Coastal Scents (CS) 22-Brush roll...and am crazy excited about it!

I've wanted a set of brushes since forever and finally I got one without breaking the bank. I'd love those Mac, Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier...but not willing to part with all that dough since I've only really started to learn to use brushes. Yes, at this "advanced" age (ahem), am behaving like a teenager. Didn't really have the chance to really indulge myself in my younger years, so oh well, time to catch up a little.

I know am rambling but getting these brushes really are the bomb. I got it off my local CS reseller at 20% off its usual I also got the brush guards. Loving my purchases so far. 

 CS 22-Brushes: Came in this pleather roll. It had a bit of a plasticky smell which went off after being aired for a bit. Quality is not bad at all. Just wish they use a classier font for their logo.
 Tada! There are my brush guards that I also bought. The bigger brushes had individual plastic covers (which I kept) whilst the smaller brushes were also packaged with  cellophane-like disposable plastic (which I threw away). There's also a little zippered pocket near the fan brush, which I plan to use to store the brush guards and covers.
Brushes in the wash. I wash all my new brushes before using them (same with clothes). I just use my Loreal EverStrong sulphate-free shampoo. Dunk them in the warm soapy water, swirl them around, squeeze out the bubbles, and rinse under running water, under the tap...gently squeeze out excess water using clean towel..and then lay them out to dry.
 Can't wait to use them!
 All the brushes lined up to dry!
My Ikea laptop holder doing double my brush holder so the brushes dry downwards (so the water do not trickle back into the brush ferrules, which can shorten the lifespan of your brushes and also make it longer for your brushes to dry).

And that's it for now on my CS brushes. I actually went overboard on the makeup stuff this month, making me kinda broke, so going to be eating in for the rest of the month..haha.


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