Accidental mini Etude House haul - includes Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream! (Pt 1)

What happens when you wander aimlessly in a ginormous mall? A beginner makeup hoarder like myself will inevitably wander over to makeup counters and shops.

So, since I found that the Proof 10 Eye Primer and the stipple blush brush from Etude House are actually quite a bargain, especially with the 30% off now (the primer comes up to slightly more than RM20, like almost 1/4 of what Urban Decay primer costs here),  I've gotten into the habit of checking out what other items they have. Koreans really are into their makeup, like the Japs, and I often wonder how they actually use the smorgasbord of items they have in their range. I mean, like whoa!

 So I got myself some stuff, a mini haul, accidental because I wasnt really planning it, and they came in this bag:

"Wanna be sweet? Welcome to the Play House" This copy is actually cute :P
What's in the bag. Damages came up to just RM100.58, thanks to the sales. Got the BB Cream, eyeliner brush and sharpener, the rest were freebies from the BB cream.
Now I've always been intrigued about BB creams, always testing and swatching them whenever I find them. I usually find them too goopy or leaving a whitish or greyish tint on the skin so have not actually purchased any. Then I wondered into the pink fairyland of Etude House and yes, presentation does count, because I actually bought one, because the pump packaging attracted me as well...
The Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream and its fellow freebies, the mini BB brush and mini Skin Malgeum kit. It wasnt on discount though :(

The Etude House (EH) Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream didn't have a discount though as it was a brand new upgrade of their previous BB cream. It's a bit steep at RM89.90 but they threw in a freebie mini BB brush and a mini set of a new skincare range of theirs called Skin Malgeum. I read some reviews on EH BB creams online; this version is supposed to be an upgrade of its Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream, if am not mistaken. At the shop, I did try one of their first variants, the EH BB Magic Cream, which I found gloopier and left a greyish residue. That had a 30% discount but since the formula didnt seem too great for me, thats how I moved on to trying this Bright Fit version.

It has SPF30, which I like, and I got it in the Natural Beige W13 shade (it comes in 4 shades, if I remember, with my shade being medium with yellow undertones). It comes in a pump bottle, meaning it'll be more hygienic and easier to manage. Be careful though as one full pump dispenses really wayy too much product, so go easy when pumping it out.

Carefully pump with a light touch as a full pump is just too much product
With a light layer of product, it smooths out and matches my skin well. Coverage is blendable and buildable, though you'd still need to set with a little powder. Seems to help with my oily combination skin. So far so good.
Am going to really test-drive this when I go outdoors today, so yeah.


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