Cabbage anyone?

So among the projects of the year is something everyone has had on their to-do lists at one time or the other.

Losing weight.

Yes, no originality there, but this year I've been slightly encouraged at the 2kg loss I'd already managed to achieve in about a month a half. So am going to keep going till I lose another 3 at least. Then I'll be back to my weight of five years ago.

The goal, I keep telling myself, is not the weight loss per se. But to get fit, toned, look good in pics and fit better in clothes. So far it's been good. I dont have a fancy regime. I just make sure I jog at least four times a week followed by toning/resistance/stretching exercises. All in about one hour in the evenings at the local park.

I've also been cooking a lot at home and barely eating out in the past two months. It isnt just economical but really quite healthy, I'd like to think. Ever since I saw the aunty at the SS2 corner chap-fan shop shovelling a plateful of shiny MSG into the soup, eating out has been a bit of a queasy experience for me. As a result, trips to hawker stalls have become much rarer now. The only places that would have healthier food like salads, sandwiches and such, are invariably pricier so since am skimping on spending at the moment, all have been ruled out.

And so comes in the humble cabbage. Most who are well-acquainted with the world of losing weight (or trying to) would probably have come across the cabbage soup diet. Apparently one can lose up to 10 lbs in a week on the diet. So when I googled it up, this came up:

Three hours to boil a soup? I don't think so. The rest of the seven-day mealplan looked pretty militant but what would you expect if you wanted to lose up to 3 kgs in just one week. I do want to lose weight but then I love my food too. So all in moderation. I get really light-headed if I don't munch enough and having low blood pressure probably makes that worse. Having said that, since cabbage is probably the most inexpensive vegetable out there and stays fresh the longest, it has been my best vege friend (haha) during my current austerity drive. I've been chucking it in soup, accompanying other vege like carrots or cauliflower, or whatever's in the fridge.

And when I looked it up online, it certainly helped to find that good 'ol cabbage has so many benefits, it's almost like a miracle vege. What it has/does, in a nutshell:

  • Contains pretty much all the main vitamins: A, C, E, B. With a big dollop of vitamin C apparently
  • Packs plenty of fibre, making it perfect to get rid of constipation and has detoxifying properties
  • Contains folate, potassium and calcium
  • Has proven anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
The list goes on a bit, but the above basically covers most of it. So, while being economical, you can still try to eat healthy really. And contrary to popular belief, rice can still be your good friend when you're dieting, since it provides healthy carbs that your body needs anyway. Just have it in moderation and there's just no escaping exercise.

Just do it.


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