NYX haul

I was super excited about my NyX purchases earlier and when they arrived, I really couldn't contain my excitement. It was my debut NyX purchase and after all the reviews I've read, was quite beside myself.

Mini NyX haul (Jumbo eye shadow pencil, blushers, eyeshadow kit, makeup bag) plus two Sigma brushes
I felt the package upon arrival was kinda small-ish, and when I opened it up, yup, I found that the makeup-cum-brush holder bag was smaller than I anticipated. I feel that it's not going to get much use, seeing that its just not big enough to fit any of my brushes length at all.

As you can see, the makeup bag can't even fit standard-sized brushes...I can only foresee putting in makeup pencils in the brush slots..
The NyX Nude on Nude Natural Look kit is a compact set of eyeshadows with lip gloss; handy to carry around if needed
The NyX Nude-on-Nude Natural Look makeup kit was a compact little thing as well. It's a useful size for travelling though. The eyeshadows were not bad, a bit on the powdery side but the colors are intense enough for its price (it was RM45). It also comes with two lip glosses, which to me, do have a nice, un-oily consistency to them but the colors are not intense.

The blushers were slightly smaller than I thought they would be too but I love love love the colors: I got Mauve and Angel. A bit powdery but color intensity was amazing, had to learn to apply with a light hand with this one.

NyX blushers: Colours Mauve at left and Angel at right. Love them!
The uber famous NyX Jumbo eye pencil in cult colour favourite, Milk, didnt disappoint either; it glides on smoothly and is super easy to use, I use it rim my waterline quite a bit these days to give my eyes a more awake look. I tried it as an eyeshadow base as it's purported to be useful as one too, and found it useful for that provided you swipe on a thin layer rather than glopping too much of it on. Eye primer still works best though.

On a non-Nyx note, I'd also finally got myself two Sigma brushes, the first two I've ever had, and am in love. It was pricey really. Sigh. Hence I could only get two for now. The tulip shaped F25 Tapered Face Brush is sooo soft and lovely to use. I've always wanted one since I saw one of my fav youtube makeup gurus, nguerriero19, use it for her blusher application and could never find one similarly shaped anywhere. So when I saw it available in a local reseller's website, the one which also sells NyX, I took a deep breath and ordered it although it's a bit steep for just one brush. I also got myself a E17 waterline liner, seeing that I experiment a lot with smoking out eyeshadows these days.

Am quite sold on Sigma brushes now. I'll have to save to get a proper essentials kit though as they are really pricey, for me anyway, but after testing these two out, I feel that it'll be worth it. I'll talk about my brushes in a separate post though, so it'll be all about brushes.Till then!


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