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Apart from being a blush fanatic, I'm also the original mascara addict. The first item closest in resemblance to makeup (discounting castor oil lipbalm back in the day) that I owned was mascara I must have swiped from an auntie or maybe my older sister. The moment it darkened and lengthened my lashes, I was in love. I think I was thirteen.

It wasn't until years later when I got into college could I pursue my lifelong romance with mascara in earnest. Lengthening, volumising, waterproof, ophthalmologist-tested, all kinds - still love them. My ultimate fav back then was one from Physicians Formula. For some reason drugstores here don't bring in Physicians Formula and Cover Girl cosmetics anymore, which really sucks.

My biggest gripe would be my tendency to get panda eyes because any eye makeup  on me would just smudge all over the place (this was more so during the dark days before primers were common or even available). That's why when the fiberlash mascaras came in and I discovered them, I fell in love with mascaras all over again. Lo and behold mascara that superbly lengthens lashes like magic, does not smudge as easily yet comes off in the shower in a snap.

Image courtesy of Imju. I think am on to my third tube of this.
My first brush with fibrelash mascaras is with Japanese brand Imju (or is it Imaju) Fiberwig. I thought it was a bit steep for drugstore when I first saw them in SaSa's but once I tried a tube when it was on sale, I was hooked. I've tried other mascaras since but I still go back to  Fiberwig. Even Lancome's mascara couldnt quite survive my oily eyelids, I discovered.

I know Maybelline has since come on to the fibrelash mascara bandwagon but I havent tried those. Then a friend gave me a Loreal mascara. Now I havent been much of a Loreal fan (except for their hair shampoos) because the line available in Malaysia is more of a miss for me than hits (their Delice line does nothing for me, lipsticks are drying, foundation and powder just doesnt sit well etc etc). So I was a little skeptical but then when I swiped on the Curl-Fixing Volume Mascara, was quite happy with the volumising effect it had. It was more of a volumising mascara than a lengthening although because of its fibre (surprise!) ingredient, it does lengthen quite a bit too. Its called the Curl Impact Collagene mascara. Not sure about the Collagen ingredient but it washes off easily like my Imju mascara, so thats  a bonus.

The Loreal Curl Impact Collagene mascara, touted to be for "jet-set volume and lasting curl"
I quite like this Loreal mascara as well. It tends to get clumpy real easily though, compared to my ultimate fav Imju, but then it volumises well enough. Also for me its more for a night out than day mascara.

Anyway, these are my current mascaras although I've tried tonnes really.


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