Rediscovering lipstick (pt 2)

Yes, yes it has been a while till I continued to Part II of Rediscovering Lipstick. So much so I've added on to my collection along the way. Heheh.

 Anyway, because the mink@vonk lippie wasn't as red as its name, back then I was still raring to get a red. Don's ask me why but I've been on this color roll. Am trying to stop myself from getting the same ol brownish reds or berries, which I always do. it is.

And I've swatched the Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick before and was quite impressed. I finally chose the colour Are You Red-dy, a red with orangey undertone, after tussling with myself between that and a colour with some Chocolate themed name, which was lovely too.I had first thought it was going to be like Revlon's Lip Butters, which to me, doesnt really do anything at all (it's more lip balm-like than anything else with same kind of (nil) staying power). But then when I swatched it, I was impressed with the color intensity and moisturising quality. It has the color intensity of lipsticks but the smoothness and wearability of lip-balms.

Are You Red-Dy?! Indeedy very reddy this lipstick Maybelline Color Sensational.
I may have gotten influenced by YouTube beauty guru TheMakeupChair who also talked about the same red. She raved about how its the kind of red that's good to wear when you need to pep up a tired face. It truly is a fire engine red and the one time I wore it to work, the boss' PA almost fell off her chair since I've never worn a true red lipstick before.

I got hooked on to this Maybelline variant though. I have to say am impressed with its staying power and color intensity, two characteristics which I never associated Maybelline lipsticks with before this.  So much so I was persuaded to get another shade in the same variant: Warm Me Up. This one is in total reverse of the fire engine red, a very muted pinky brown color, which wouldn't startle anyone off their chairs really. I've been wearing it regularly since and I found it the perfect shade and consistency to tone down other (overly bright) lipsticks.

Warm Me Up is making me look very natural. Great for every day wear.

Loving it! A real bargain at less than RM30 each. Depending on which drugstore, you can get it as cheap as RM23.90 when it's on sale, and like what I did with Watsons, if you're a member, there's another additional RM3 voucher, meaning you can even get it for RM20.90. So worth it.


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