Testing out Aurawhite Premium 15X Stemcell Collagen

Aurawhite Beauty 15X Stemcell Collagen at RM180 per one month's supply bottle. On the right is the free shaker containing the recommended amount of supplement dissolved in an estimated 120ml of water. A free whitening soap came with the purchase too.

And so I have succumbed to the bandwagon. Out of sheer curiosity and also more probably because am a sucker for beauty and wellness stuff. The only other such beauty "supplements" I ever tried was from the Kinohimitsu brand because it looked more legit than the stuff being hawked over FB or blogspots. But that one month trial didnt yield any result so didnt bother to continue with it.

As for the above supplement, I've seen it being hawked all over social media for some time, and of course made more well-known by its infamous former ambassador but I've never succumbed to trying it out. Until I saw it being sold in SaSa.

Like really? Somehow it making it into SaSa stores and also being GMP and KKM certified made it legit for me to test it out. And so I did.

It was a bit steep at RM180 per bottle, came with a free pink shaker and whitening soap. I havent tried the soap but it sure has a strong perfumy smell. There's a tiny little pink scoop buried in the depths of the bottle so recommend that you shake the bottle till you hear the scoop hitting the inner lid. Because I made the mistake of not knowing there was a scoop buried in there and had used a tablespoon for the first three days I tried the product. God knows I probably ingested more of the product than I was supposed to the first three days...

And my belated additional research on the product yielded blogspots recommending that the product not be taken during the first three days of having your period. Apparently it can mess with your cycle, so, heads up on that. Its not mentioned on the actual product but some online sellers are all listing that particular info out.

How to take it is basically first thing in the morning and last thing at night; two scoops shaken in 120ml of water. And then to drink plenty of plain water (bare minimum of 1.5 litres although 2 litres is more like it) and not to take coffee and or tea. Yeah. Like I can give up my coffee. Though I try to limit it to one cup coffee and one cup green tea. And then plenty of plain water.

Anyhow am about 12 days into taking it. The product claims you can see result in as early as 7 days (!) though for me the main changes I underwent was that the first three days I did get to do number two a bit more than usual. The product does claim it detoxifies. And my lips felt more moist and plumped up and dare I say, slightly pinker? Am naturally fair to medium tone and tan easily so cant really comment on the getting fairer bit just yet since I just went under the hot scorching sun around the time I started taking the product. I think it may have helped a bit with my pimple scars though, I see them lightening a bit faster than they normally would. Am hoping it will also help with my enlarged pores. Will have to wait and see for any other possible changes.

Anyhow the product claims are as follows (the England a bit fail on their packaging and promo materials so I edited it a bit here and there, and my comments are in brackets):


♡ With Premium 15x Stemcell
♡ Faster lightening of skin (because I don't think skin can be "enlightened")
♡ Skin more elastic and supple (maybe, too early to tell for sure)
♡ Activates collagen (i hope so so it will lead to the above)
♡ Anti Aging (really hope so)
♡ Improves the body 's immune system (hope so too but I'd just recovered from my cough when I took this)
♡ Solving skin problems such as acne, pigmentation & melasma (not sure because I typically get minor breakouts around the time of my period, nothing too major)
♡ Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and premature aging on your face (i hope so)

♡ 60 % of the skin more moist (another hope)
♡ Helps dry, scaly or dull skin (a repeat of the above)
♡ Addressing the problem of hair loss and scalp issues (another plus for me who is constantly losing  hair)
♡ Reducing scars & dark spots (so hoping so, ithink it may have helped a bit with the pimple scars)
♡ Reduce Cellulite (didnt see this happening...yet, I hope)
♡ Reducing breaks in the heel (this too)
♡ Reduces stretchmark (nor this)
♡ moisturizes dry lips / peeling (this looked like it did happen)
♡ Detoxifies toxins in the body (first few days for me)
♡ Resolve joint pain (didnt really have any to start with)
♡ Strengthens bones and muscles (I hope so)
♡ Lowering Cholesterol (I really hope so though I havent done my medic yet)
♡ provide energy and stamina (actually I think it did because I find myself with more energy to last till late night)
♡ Rises milk extraction (ermm, not breast feeding so wouldnt know)
♡ Suitable for men and women

EXTRA BENEFITS FOR vibrant skin ♡ ♡ (or so they say)
♡ most robust combination with antioxidants 50x
♡ The multiplier effect of preserving the health and beauty
♡ skin lightening and anti-aging

♡ Salmon Collagen Peptide Grade best quality collagen from marine fish in increasing collagen production quality
♡ Provides Extra Glutathione, 50% faster whitening power
♡ 15x Stemcell  from Phyto superfruit extracts of Green Apple Stemcell PhytoCellTec , Maquiberry, Roselle, Cranberries, strawberries , Snow lotus, Raspberry , Red Apple , Blueberry , Pomegranate , Grapes , Dragonfruit, Brocolli, Prune & Kiwi

♡ Virgin Coconut Oil ( Virgin Coconut Oil Premium) ~ Has 1001 health benefits (!?) to help kill viruses & bacteria in the body. Fights diseases with nutritional supplements containing vitamins E , A and D

♡ Rose Hip ~  rosehip has long been in use to beautify the skin and for ageless skin. Also for lowering bad cholesterol.

Camu Camu Fruit ♡ ~ 60x higher in vitamin C than an orange! And Vitamin C is known to be good for skin and health in general.

Astaxanthin ~ ♡ Prevents free radicals. Astaxanthin has the highest antioxidant power in the world, and improves the body's resistance . Good for the eyes, hair and skin

 ♡ Hyaluronic Acid Increases overall skin hydration .

Oregano Leaf ~ ♡ Treats skin problems such as sores, rashes , eczema, swelling . It stimulates milk extraction, menstrual cycle, restores the uterine muscle

♡ ~ Pearl powder Pearl Powder helps treat inflammation, improves vision, boosts the immune system of the body and strengthens the hair .

Yeah...the list reads like some hyperbolic sales pitch but hey! I'd like to believe it works. I do feel it has somehow made me more energetic so that's going to come in handy once I start continuing my studies part-time while working full time O_O


  1. hi...after finishing the whole bottle did you feel that it makes a big difference?

  2. hi...after finishing the whole bottle did you feel that it makes a big difference?

    1. Hi, I didn't think so. I think it actually made me somewhat bloated after a while :D I guess, as with all things, it reacts differently with different people. I didn't continue taking it after finishing a bottle so I wont be able to comment on its overall effectiveness.


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