A dupe for Benjabelle brush holder?!

Ok. When I got my first set of brushes ever from Coastal Scents, like two years ago, I have since moved on to Real Techniques as my go-to brushes, with some odd bits of brushes I picked up from here and there.

Using brushes meant having the added step of caring and cleaning for them too. All the while I've been simply drying them laid on a face towel, brush head downwards at the sloping tilt of the top of my glamorous washing machine.

I've heard and seen pictures of this mysterious contraption called Benjabelle, that make-up aficionados with plenty of brushes to dry, use with rapturous comments on its usefulness. As always, gullible as I am, the price for one still made me hesitate. The cheapest variant still went for slightly above a hundred Malaysian ringgit. After all the sloping top of the washing machine seemed fine - until the cat decides to jump over it, or the brushes get knocked off when someone over vigorously tosses their laundry to get to the laundry basket.

To cut long story short, I was at this gem of a stall in Midvalley, that sells makeup brushes and bits and bobs, to pick up a disposable mascara wand (I use it to brush shape up my eyebrows prior to drawing them in mostly though it comes in real handy to separate mascara-ed eyelashes too) and add on my brush protector nets. Then lo and behold...I see behind the counter:

My dupe Benjabelle! Excuse the paper bag, its there exclusively to cover the unsightly background. This was assembled at home, after purchase naturally :P
What got me even more excited was the pricetag. A mere RM55! Like less than half the price of the same Benjabelle model. After comparing pictures of the variant from the website , I conclude that what I purchased is a Sunflower Brush Tree that sells for like RM140 ish here (plus or minus shipping) through local re-sellers.

It came flat-packed like this with a sticker price of RM65 but sold for RM55. Apparently they had white too but I decided to stick to the classic black. Pretty simple and easy to assemble.

Top view. Pretty versatile choices of holders, from bigger brushes down to mid and small eyeshadow brushes. Love!
With a variety of brushes slotted in. Works great!
I was quite excited to try out my purchase and did so as soon as I got home. Washed the stippling and highlighter/concealer brushes that I coincidentally bought previously from the same stall and test-drove my dupe Benjabelle. Added on my Elf eyeshadow brush to test the smaller holder. Worked fine too.

Ahh. The finds one finds. The quality of brushes sold at that stall is pretty good too (I sense a review coming on...). It's on the basement floor, along the way that connects to the Garden's food hall area.

:) Love a good bargain.


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