Benefit Sugarbomb - loving it!

(One of) my new blush addiction: Benefit's Sugarbomb

A friend of mine, who had a whole bunch of shopping vouchers, very kindly let me and another girlfriend pick something out for ourselves at a departmental store not too long ago.

Well, naturally, a makeup addict like me would I've always always wanted to get a Benefit blusher. I already have the ultra-famous Benetint (, which I did like but then it doesn't show up all that much as blush on my complexion so I tended to use it more as a lipstain.

And all of Benefit's boxed blusher beauties just look so darn pretty. And yes, I love their little product booklets...I am a sucker for copy (good ones as well as badly mangled Jap/Korean pseudo-English.. haha) the concept is just too cute.

Believe me, it took me a while to choose among the prettily boxed blushers, before settling on Sugarbomb. It was a toss between that or Hoola, Dandelion or Coralista.
   Turns out you can choose to have one that has a mirror or without.  I naturally chose one with a mirror :P                               With tray-like plastic separator that holds the blush brush perfectly.

"Swirl the 4 complementing, shimmering shades of peach, soft plum, pink and rose powders together and sweep on cheeks for a natural radiance. It’s a sweet rush of gorgeous!" - Benefit's copy describing the product says it all
 It really is like its "sugar rush" description. It's pretty, sweet and smells it too. If you dont like scented products, you'd want to skip this one as it does have a strong, sweet smell. For me, I like it. It's kinda like a mood-lifter to have something pretty and prettily-scented.

As for the color pay-off, it's a sheer peachypink-ish color; you have to build up the color, well for my medium (am tanned now from all that sun during my break) tone anyway. I typically use it almost like a highlight - I'd sweep it over the tops of my cheeks after I apply my regular (a pink-ish Inglot) blusher. On its own, it adds a very natural, sheer blush. It has a touch of shimmer in it but very faint, hardly discernible. Its the kind of sheer that lets you  also use it as an all-over face brightener (like its Dandelion sibling), from what I can tell.The enclosed blush brush is pretty useful as well: soft, and sized and shaped just right.

I love it. The color and packaging is just adorable. Apparently the price here in Malaysia has somewhat dropped. Previously it was RM130, but it's now selling around RM10 less, if I remember correctly. The salesgirl said it was in a move to make the pricing more standardised globally...hmm,  it retails for USD28...multiply that by, say 3.2 (estimated currency rate)..and we're still paying at least RM30 more from its actual US price anyway. is cheaper now.

But for now, this sugar rush is keeping me contented. No spike in my need to add to a Benefit blush collection. Which leaves my wallet sighing in relief.

Though not for long....


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