e.l.f. High Definition (HD) Powder

I am indeed on a roll...a few posts in one day to make up for a long absence.

Onward bound! Yes, following my e.l.f. haul about a month ago, I've also been testing the much talked-about-online e.l.f. HD face powder. It's been touted as a dupe for expensive HD powders like Makeup Forever's. I haven't the chance to try out expensive HD powders, in fact this e.l.f. HD powder is my first HD powder of any kind, so I won't really have a baseline to compare to.

Needless to say, I was pretty psyched to try out this out. I got it in translucent (also a first for me since I usually generally get loose powder in medium beige).

Again I don't know why the pic won't go landscape. Anyway here's e.l.f. HD powder, got it for RM28
 Translucent powder used to always make me suspicious...of how it will look on my skin. I know... I sound like a real makeup neophyte..but back when all I owned makeup-wise were colored lip balm and compact powder, I used to think that white stuff is gonna stay white on my face.

Anyway, I grew up. And grew adventurous. And started to earn my own dough. So product swatching became sort of a past time for lil ol me. And I discovered that that white stuff don't necessarily stay white on the skin :P

Regardless I still felt that twinge of apprehension when I first opened the lid of my e.l.f. HD powder. I mean, it looked sooo white! With a bit of what looked like shimmer.  Anyway, test it I did. I used the puff it came with and the powder came out from those sieve-like holes like any usual loose powder would. The thing was...when I rolled the powder puff over my face, the powder stayed with that mesh-like design on top of my skin! That's a first for me. I had to pat, roll and swipe it about a bit to get it settled properly. I probably should use a powder brush but I havent gotten around to that yet.

Anyway, the powder is fine enough. And yes, the whiteness does blend out into the skin after a while. There's just this papery dryness to the powder that I can't quite describe. I think it does soak up any oils I might have on my face but then it's so dry that I end up looking a tad powdery. Which I fix with my e.l.f. mist and set spray anyhow.

I havent tested how I'd look in photos with it yet too. Although it has that certain kind of dryness to it, I quite like it as long as I set it with a setting spray to get rid of that powdery look.

I have indeed become quite the elfette :)


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