ELF (or is it e.l.f.) Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

As you might be able to tell from previous post, I've been really excited about my ELF haul. Most of all, I was super excited about the the Duo Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder.

ELF Duo Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder: Sturdy black plastic casing, arrived with some minor fallout as can be seen here

When I first saw this duo blush and bronzing powder, I thought how similar it is to the Nars duo bronzing powder. I've been eyeing the Nars duo for a while but the moment I saw this powder and found it on a local reseller's site, I placed an order for it. It's way cheaper so I thought why not. I only knew later when You-tubing that it is indeed well-known as a dupe for that same Nars duo.

What I can say is, if you're into duo bronzing and blush powders, you should get this. I've been using it every day for the past few days and loving it. I never really tried shading before and first kickstarted my curiosity with  Korean Chamildo shading powder, which I blogged about previously.

While that first purchase of mine is still a worthwhile buy, I'd say if I got this Elf one first I wont need to get any other bronzer duo for a while.
A closer look at the duo powder: The blush is a peachy pink with subtle gold shimmer while the bronzer is a matte brown
With this, I am now a convert to the shading and blushing contingent. The bronzer is a matte medium brown and I noticed the peachy pink blush has a slight gold shimmer to it. Lovely!

The first swipe is the blush whilst the second swipe is the bronzer.; both swipes done on the side of hand. I got fascinated by the blush powder's pretty gold touch; not too much but just nice for a healthy sheen, in my opinion.

For a person new to the shading game, this is perfect for practice (quality and price wise) and from what I gather online, seasoned makeup enthusiasts are loving this too.

While I quite like this duo, I noticed when I dip my brush into the blusher, it tends to be a bit powdery compared to the bronzer. It's not a big deal though and still works and judging from the shade, this duo would work well on most skin types.

I usually sweep my Benefit Sugarbomb blusher over to intensify the flushed look and to highlight a bit more...and yes, loving it!


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