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I love Inglot. It's a more wallet-friendly MAC-esque line of makeup...from Poland, of all countries. Am not putting Poland down but it's not exactly known to be the fashion capital of the world so when I found out that's where Inglot comes from, I'm even more impressed. It is truly an amazing line of makeup that, IMHO, any professional makeup artist (or makeup hoarder like myself) would be proud to have in their collection.

I just got into Inglot this year, as with many other things makeup-related. There's only one store in the whole of Malaysia, and all the way at Sunway Pyramid, but it's worth the trip.(Update: I've since found out Inglot has opened up counters in Sogo and Midvalley!).

I'd started small. With a pink blush. And two eyeshadows. Then on a subsequent trip I added on another blush and more eyeshadows and a lipstick. But for the sake of this post, I'll stick to the blushers.

At first blush: The top one in pink popped my Inglot cherry (ok, that sounded wrong but whatever), and the second one in a more natural tone was my second Inglot blusher in the AMC variant.
I've noticed that I've actually hit pan with the first blusher (in a variant that's just called Face Blush) that I purchased a few months ago. It's a pink tone that adds a refreshing pop of colour to my cheeks and I use it almost every day at work, brushing it on with my Body Shop travel blush brush. It was 2.5g of product and for the life of me, I cant find the shade's name or code and I've long thrown the box away. Whatever code that may have been on the back could have faded away since.

Anyway when I first saw the pink, I thought it was too bright but when the store's MUA put it on me, it was perfectly fine. So...being the blush girl that I am, I've been faithfully wearing this and since I got my Benefit Sugarbomb, I wear the Sugarbomb over it like a highlighter. I realised that I love this pink blusher because it actually has a subtle sheen to it, lending cheeks a more natural, healthy flush as opposed to a matte blusher.

My second trip got me the more natural looking AMC blush in No 64. I've only worn this like three times so far. The instore MUA explained that the AMC variant is supposedly for more sensitive skin. I just liked the natural tone. I used it like a bronzer but then it has a subtle peachy undertone that makes it work as a natural-looking blusher on its own. Am going to be using this a lot more soon, what with the first one hitting pan already.
First swatch on the left is the pink Face Blush followed by the AMC blush in number 64.
I foresee more trips to Inglot in the not-so-distant future.I had to stop myself this month as I'd purchased a  few NyX more spending for now!


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